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TutorDoctor.com is one of the older, more established tutoring services in the English-speaking world, that world being primarily the U.S. and Canada. We have added reviews of tutoring services to our repertoire because they have become so prevalent and because students are asking about them. In conducting this Tutor Doctor review, we have looked at all of the information available on the website, testimonials found on that website, the process for gaining tutoring services, the quality of tutors and customer support services, customer reviews we have found on the web, prices, additional benefits such as discounts, and more.

Here is what we have learned.

Offered Products and Services

TutorDoctor began as a strictly in-home or meet-up tutoring service a number of years ago. More recently, it has added online tutoring services, given that new technology allows video conferencing between students and their tutors.

The company website provides a wealth of information for potential customers to review. It offers tutoring for students at all academic levels and states that it has tutors in all academic areas. In addition to strictly academic tutoring, the company also offers adult tutoring in several areas, college admissions test prep, and summer programs so that students can maintain their skills while they are off.

The process is this: Students (or their parents) contact the local tutoring center or customer service via the website and state their tutoring needs. Tutor Doctor then matches that need with a tutor and makes an assignment. From that point, the student and the tutor set up their own schedule for sessions.

Quality of Products/Tutors

We have been able to find a lot of information out on the web, including customer feedback and comments. What we have found is similar to what we find with all tutoring services. Quality depends on the specific tutor that has been assigned. Customer feedback on Tutordoctor.com is mixed – when students and tutors “click,” and when the tutor has a teaching style that matches learner style, things go well. If not, it is back to the drawing board to find a different tutor.

What we can say is this: Tutor Doctor is not a fraud or scam, and it does have a BBB membership, which, of course, we do like to see.

Here is our issue with this service. It sells franchises, and a lot of the content on its website relates to how individuals can acquire a franchise. Once a franchise is purchased, it is up to the local owner to run the operation, and this seems to be where the disparity in quality occurs. There is just not enough corporate control to guarantee high quality across the board.

Quality of Customer Support

Customer service and support come through the local offices. While there are means to contact corporate, customers are referred back to the local office to resolve their issues or concerns. Again, there seems to be a wide disparity among local offices.

Prices and Discounts

As with most tutoring services that are spread out geographically, prices will vary, according to the cost of living in those areas. Each franchise sets its prices within corporate guidelines, but it appears that online pricing is set by corporate headquarters. Customers will find no promo code for first-time use, and there are no coupon codes for special pricing unless the local franchise chooses to offer them.

Customers pay in advance for a set number of sessions/hours. They are then billed for additional hours as they need. Payments are secure and through all standard credit/debit cards or via checks.

Additional Benefits

In short, there are none. the service operates as it is.


There are certainly some good things about TutorDoctor, as we look at pros & cons. When customers can deal with a local office, there is the potential for better service. On the other hand, it does not look like the national corporation has enough quality control to ensure that there is the consistency of quality and support. Without that consistency, student experiences range from great to horrible. Overall our Tutor Doctor rating is “Fair.”

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