With thousands of online writing services out there, it’s tough to know which are legit and professional and which are rather fraudulent or downright scams. Every industry has its good and bad guys. Our mission is to investigate writing services and separate out the great, the good, the average, and the poor so that users of our website can narrow their options and ultimately pick a writing company that is the best fit for their needs. We are very careful to dig as deeply as we can into writing services in order to give our users complete, factual, and objective information. Once we do that, we provide a rating score based on all that we have found. Below you will find examples of how we have compared and rated three top writing services.

Review Criteria We Use

So that all of our comparative reviews are valid, we use the same criteria to evaluate every writing service:

  1. Offered Products and Services: We want our users to know exactly what products and services they will be able to order from each company they are considering. While most of our users are students, there are a number of visitors looking for business writing of all types, for web-based copywriting, or for great resume/CV products. 
  2. Quality of Products: We evaluate quality based on a number of factors – composition of the website content, samples, blog posts, when available, on-site customer testimonials, and, very important, all of the comments and feedback we find on the web and that have been submitted to us by actual customers. Positive reviews and high-quality samples mean the company employs credentialed and qualified writers.
  3. Quality of Customer Support: We rely on two factors here. First, we want to read the comments and feedback from customers regarding their experiences with these departments. Second, we personally contact the departments at least two times to ask questions. We want to see friendliness, helpfulness, and direct and detailed answers. Then we know that these agents actually work for the company rather than an answering service.
  4. Prices and Discounts: There is an average price range for this industry and companies that greatly fall out of this range cause us to dig deeper as to why. Pricing should be based upon the type of product or service, academic level of the customer, length, and deadline. When companies do not differentiate among academic levels, we have questions. Most companies offer discounts, at least to first-time customers, and others give discounts to loyal repeaters. If a company does not provide discounts, we expect to see prices in the low-average range.
  5. Additional Benefits: Free pages are standard in the industry – no one should pay for a title or bibliography page. Likewise, no one should pay for formatting. Beyond these, companies also offer fee-based perks such as a higher-quality writer, editing, a plagiarism report, a one-page summary, and VIP customer support. We check these carefully. If a company guarantees original products and editing prior to delivery and then attempts to charge for these, we are not happy.


Users of our site will have all of the information they need as they consider which writing service(s) they will want to patronize. They range from great to lousy, and we do not cut corners in being fully honest about each one. 

Feel free to contact us with any feedback you have on a writing service, with any questions you might have about a review we have done, or to request a review of a company we have not yet done.