Privacy Policy – You Can Feel Safe when You Use admits the importance of utter transparency in operating a business and a website. Hence, we provide you with our detailed privacy policy, since we want our users to be aware of the information collected by

Information gathered by

  1. The first category of information collected by our website includes aggregate and general data belonging to the users who enter our domain. That includes the pages you visit, IP address, browser type, and the amount of time you spend on our website. We use this information in order to enhance user browsing experience, and to provide us with general guidelines regarding traffic behaviors. Through the use of cookies, we store information from your browser. Most cookies are active only during your visit to the website. Nonetheless, at the same time, we have a cookie that stores login information as well, which enables you to access the site easier. You have the right to disable this feature in your browser’s settings section. Nonetheless, that may have an adverse impact on your browsing experience, preventing some pages from loading efficiently.
  2. When you create a personal profile on, we collect your personal information in order to enable you to benefit from our website’s services. Additionally, you can engage in conversations, forum discussions, write and receive messages, only by creating a personal account.

Content you post on

You are wholly responsible for the content you publish on, no exception. We cannot be held liable for other third parties’ actions to the content you post. Furthermore, in the case in which a third party may hack our privacy system, we aren’t culpable for the immediate consequences either. When you decide to delete a form of content from our domain, you still need to comprehend that it may remain in archives, or might have previously been copied or modified by other users. Hence, we don’t offer you any guarantee that once you remove content, it may not appear on another website.

In the case in which the content posted violates any laws, or is incriminating in any way, you will be liable for the following results. Additionally, we have the right to block anyone’s use from the website, in the case of illegal action.

When do we share your information with third parties?

We have the right to share your information with third parties, for beneficial reasons.

While browsing online, you may notice the appearance of advertisements or promotions which are related to the aspects you have shown that you are interested in. That is due to the use of cookies. However, note that we don’t share information that isn’t listed in your public profile.

We don’t provide private information to third parties without user approval. There are some scenarios in which we might use your personal information, as following:

  • In the case in which you purchase something from our website, the purchase will be handled by an authorized third-party processor. Since we use an SSL certified payment processor, all payments are operated securely.
  • If a legal authority requires your private information, we reserve our right to transmit your information. Concurrently, if we suspect that a user might violate our terms of conditions with posting inappropriate, violating content, we will communicate our concern to law enforcement officials.
  • In the case in which partial or full ownership of is transferred to a distinct entity, all user information will be transferred as well.
  • We utilize a third-party automated email distribution provider, which means that our provider has access to your email address as well.

Links on the website

We inform you that our domain may contain links to other domains. However, we aren’t answerable for the consequences of you entering a different Internet site. This privacy policy is no longer applicable in this case.

Website security aims at protecting user information, as the domain is built on a secure server featured by firewall protection. However, note that emails and messages don’t account for secure forms of content. Hence, when you share your information through email with us or any other third-party, it isn’t implied that it’s protected.

Binding terms

Your utilization of our website indicates that you comprehend and accept the terms mentioned in this section.