Pick the Writer was founded to fill a void. While there were many large all-encompassing review websites, and a number of niche-related ones, there was not one that would specifically address reviews of the exploding number of online writing services. Since that time, other writing service review sites have popped up, and we are happy to see that. The more information that can be provided to consumers of writing assistance, the better. 

What follows here is a comparison of four of our top-rated writing services.

We base all of our reviews on factual information that we are able to gather from a number of sources with a single goal in mind – to offer an objective evaluation of writing services that consumers can read, as they search for those that will be a fit for what they need. There is no specific method for selecting the companies we review. Many times, users of our site request a specific review; at other times, we come across writing services in our continual search on the web; we also review comments and feedback that visitors and users of our site submit about specific writing companies. There is no specific prioritization of reviews. 

Criteria for Our Reviews

We use the same criteria for every review we produce. This maintains consistency in our comparisons.

  1. Offered Products and Services: No matter which categories of writing products and services a company offers (academic, business, copywriting, professional, etc.), it is important that a comprehensive array is provided. The more comprehensive the offerings, the more valuable the writing service is to its customers, who may seek a variety of products and want a one-stop-shop for all of their needs.
  2. Quality of Products: This is always determined by website content, samples, writer information, and, probably most important, customer feedback on what they receive. While we do look at on-site testimonials, we are far more interested in what off-site customers have to say about quality. This is unsolicited feedback that we find far more valuable. 
  3. Quality of Customer Support: Customer experiences with customer support departments is a big factor in our assessment of customer support. But we also use our own experiences. We typically contact the customer support department at least two times, using a phone and live chat if possible. We ask a lot of questions and want to see accurate and prompt replies. This tells us that the agency has an in-house staff rather than the use of an answering service. 
  4. Prices and Discounts: We are well aware of what average pricing is for the industry – pricing that is competitive and yet reflective of employing writers who have solid backgrounds and degrees. When agencies fall within that average price range, we are happy. If they fall outside of those ranges, we seek answers as to why. Some companies, for example, keep prices low because they do not offer discounts. Others have higher prices because they offer additional free benefits. We take these factors into account. Newcomer discounts are common, as are price cuts for loyal customers. And many services provide special pricing offers at various times throughout the year – a marketing tool that we find valuable for customers.
  5. Additional Benefits: There are standard benefits that we expect to see – free title and bibliography pages, formatting, tables of content, and a guarantee of plagiarism-free products. Many services claim that they also have a full review by staff editors before delivery. If they do, then we do not expect to see a fee attached to such editing during the ordering process. Fee-based benefits are fine, but we always check with customer support to see what these benefits include and make sure that they are not benefits the company claims to be standard for everyone.


Our mission is clear and focused. We want anyone using our site to have the best and most current information regarding writing services that we have reviewed. We want our users to share information on their experiences with writing companies. And we want any visitor or user to feel free to contact us with questions or to request a review of a specific writing service company.