Terms and Conditions for Users of PickTheWriter.com

These terms and conditions have been created in order to administer customer use of PickTheWriter.com. If you access and use our website, it imminently implies that you agree to the aspects explained below.


The parties that are part of the agreement.

  • Personal pronouns you, your, you’re refer to the person who utilizes the website.
  • Personal pronouns we, our, us, ours concern the site, namely PickTheWriter.com.


Whenever the word content is mentioned, it refers to anything you may find on the website, ranging from images, text, videos, pictures, audio recording, and so on.

  • Your content represents any form of content you sent to the website, such as reviews, messages, comments, in a nutshell, anything that you submit for public display.
  • User content accounts for content published by users on the site.
  • Third party content stands for content posted on the site that is submitted by a third party which isn’t the user or the website, but is available for any user to see.


PickTheWriter.com reserves its right to alter the information elaborated in this document. The user is considered responsible for getting acquainted with any changes we may apply. We highlight that, before a change takes effect on the website, we will announce it on our site.

Use of PickTheWriter.com

Who can use the website: Anyone who accesses the website has to be 18-years-old, meaning that he/she has the legal authority to be a part of legal agreements. Those who have been banned and competitors aren’t allowed to access the site.

  • Risk and permission – we provide you with the authorization to use our website. We cannot be held responsible for any risks you may take. Concurrently, we aren’t liable if you access offensive, inappropriate content.
  • Interruptions and website changes – we may operate modifications or stop the Internet site from functioning without prior notice.
  • Account creation – if you wish to access particular information and services, you are required to make an account. You have the right to create only one account. It is the user’s responsibility to safeguard his/her password, and afterward, notify us in the case of a breach. We have the right to close any account, without notifying the user.  
  • Personal use only – you cannot create an account and use it for commercial purposes. Additionally, you are obliged to provide us with accurate contact information. By creating an account, you imminently agree to receive notifications from PickTheWriter.com


You are liable for the content you publish on PickTheWriter.com. You are the owner of the content you submit, and you cannot imply that the website holds it. In other words, if your content is subject to any terms of violations, you are responsible for the legal consequences, if any.

PickTheWriter.com’s rights concerning your content

  • After publishing on the website, that enables us to use your content further. Additionally, it also implies that you agree to have your content republished on other websites, which includes commercializing, reproducing and displaying the content for any purpose.
  • You hold the copyright for your content, while we own the site and everything it holds. You comply that you won’t use the content on the website by distributing, publishing or modifying it in any way.
  • We have the right to publish advertisements or any other material linked to the content you post.
  • User content doesn’t necessarily mirror the principles and opinions of our website. We have the right to modify user content without prior notice. Additionally, we aren’t obligated to offer users copies of their content. Furthermore, you comply that any form of content published on our website doesn’t have the right to confidentiality.
  • Part of the content is made readily available through Atom feeds and RSS, which you have access to for non-commercial, personal purposes. If you use it on a social media page, or on your own website, it doesn’t mean that we approve of your content and opinions. First, you are required to attribute the content you use to PickTheWriter.com. Moreover, we hold the right to suspend our feeds whenever, without prior notice. In the case in which you want to use our feeds, you have to obtain permission first.  

Third Parties

We have the right to add links to applications, websites, and tools on our site. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imminently mean that we support or authorize the activities or content present on the sites. When you enter a different Internet site, you no longer benefit from the rights listed on our domain, your privacy included.


You comply to indemnify and hold harmless PickTheWriter.com, in the case of legal action or any other consequences that may occur after your utilization of the site. Additionally, you agree to hold harmless any third party that submits content on the site. In other words, legal actions that may take place will be at your expense. Furthermore, if our site is due to pay any fees because of your illegal activities, you will be held liable for these.