Pick the Writer continues its mission to provide a forum related to online writing services. First, we strive to conduct honest and objective investigations of writing services and provide summaries of those investigations. Second, we have established a means by which those who have, currently do, and who plan to use writing services to ask questions, to provide comments and feedback, and to have open discussions about writing services and their experiences with specific agencies. 

Given these two purposes, we are thrilled that so many visitors and users are participating in our mission and that we can be a provider of valuable information to all consumers who are looking for factual information before they make decisions on writing services they choose to meet their needs, whether academic, business or professional. To demonstrate examples of our reviews, we are presenting example comparisons of three of our top-ranking writing services.

Our Review Criteria

We use the same criteria standards to evaluate every writing service we review, so that consistency is maintained.

  1. Offered Products and Services: these should be comprehensive, no matter what the category of product or services. And customers should know upfront exactly the types of writing assistance they can get. We like to see detailed explanations of any products or services an agency offers.
  2. Quality of Products: this is the ultimate gauge of the value of any writing service. We want to see great customer comments and feedback on the products they have received from a writing service, not just the on-site testimonials that all of them published. When we see a host of positive feedback, we know that a company has employed professionals and that they craft exceptional products. Published samples of writers’ work on the website can substantiate quality too, and we always review these.
  3. Quality of Customer Support: Again, customer feedback is a major source of our evaluation of customer support. But we also contact customer support ourselves, to asses the level of help that agents provide. We ask lots of questions and expect to have prompt and helpful responses. When we get these, we know that the company has taken the time to hire and train the right people, rather than hand this critical feature over to an answering service.
  4. Prices and Discounts: Prices should fall within the average range for the industry, and if they don’t there should be a good reason. Prices that are unreasonably cheap raise our suspicions; likewise, prices that are too high should come with lots of amazing benefits and good discounts. Most services do offer discounts to first-time customers, and many have additional discounts for returning clients and special sale pricing during the year. 
  5. Additional Benefits: There are a host of benefits that writing services offer, some standard, some unique; some free and some fee-based. We always look at the value of these benefits. When a company list email delivery as a benefit, for example, we scoff. Benefits should be of value to the customer. Standard benefits include certain free pages (title, bibliography, etc.), and guarantees of originality and free revisions are critical. When we look at fee-based benefits, we want to know the details and we ask the customer support department for those details before we consider them valuable.


We want anyone in need of writing services to be able to come to our site and find what they are looking for. To this end, we continue our work of reviewing companies for quality and integrity. We also want great user participation in the review process, and so we urge them to set up accounts, participate in discussions, and provide their comments and feedback. We also want visitors and users to request reviews on writing services we have not yet looked at and to contact us with any questions or requests.