Pick the Writer is the best name we could find for our website and our mission. Here, we are focused on providing students and others in need of writing help with honesty about the online writing services they may be considering.

Our goal is to provide the most factual and objective information about these services so that our users have the best chance of selecting a one that will work for them. To accomplish this, we are hard at work every day, looking into companies that all claim to be the best online writing service there is, to fact check those claims, and to separate fact from fiction. If you are using ou9r reviews, good for you. We also want you to contribute your feedback about writing services you have experienced, so that we may include that in our reviews. Here are four top writing services that we have evaluated and compared.

Criteria For Our Reviews

We spend a great deal of time on our reviews, using common criteria for every company we evaluate. They are as follows:

  • Offered Products and Services: We want to see all of the specific products and services that a company offers and the detailed explanations of those features. Obviously, we rely heavily on the information that the company website provides regarding what it offers to potential customers. We like to see details of these products, usually produced through footer pages that provide such details. Potential customers need to see these details as they look for a writing service that will meet their needs.
  • Quality of Products: We understand that this is the crux of the value of any writing service. If customers do not get quality, their money is wasted and their trust eroded. We look at a lot of things here – website content, samples of their products, posted testimonials, feedback on other review sites and on social media, and comments that users of our site have provided. We want to see overwhelming positive reviews and feedback if we are to recommend a writing service to our users. When website content and samples reflect impeccable grammar, composition, and word usage, we are far more comfortable with quality. If customers report satisfaction, we are even more comfortable recommending a service.
  • Quality of Customer Support: We always contact customer support departments at odd hours, to ensure that the claim of 24/7 service is true. Beyond this, we do contact at least by phone and live chat, if those are both available. We ask detailed questions about products and services and want to see solid and prompt answers that provide the details we want. If we don’t, we suspect that the company is using an answering service rather than employed and trained staff. Obviously, we prefer the in-house staff.
  • Prices and Discounts: There is a range of average prices for the industry, and we always compare writing service prices against this average. If they are too low or too high, we want to know why. Sometimes there are good reasons for this (no discounts, for example) and we want to know these reasons. If prices are way off base, we are suspicious and dig deeper to understand them. Obviously, most writing services offer discounts for newcomers and for loyalty. We like to see reasonable discounts.
  • Additional Benefits: These may be free and common among all writing services – title and bibliography pages, tables of contents, plagiarism reports, formatting, free revisions, etc. Some services offer additional benefits on a fee basis – levels of writer quality and VIP services for example. It is important that these fee-based benefits are really worth it, though, and we do dig into them to see what those benefits really provide. When a company guarantees plagiarism-free writing or full editing, for example, we are not happy to see these benefits offered for a fee at the checkout page. 


We work hard and tirelessly to evaluate online writing services on an objective basis, digging up factual information and relying on the feedback from actual customers, as well as our own investigations. We use common criteria for every service we review and use all of the information that we are able to find to perform an objective and factual report. As we stated before, our goal is to inform seekers of writing assistance with as much information as possible, so that they can make informed choices on the writing services they ultimately choose to use.

We encourage our users to read the full reviews of the top writing services we recommend so that they can make their choices. And, of course, we welcome feedback, comments, and any requests that users may submit to us for reviews of the thousands of writing services out there.