We like our jobs at Pick the Writer. We like them because we enjoy research and digging into factual information, and then reporting that information to consumers who want to know before they make decisions about a writing service they may choose to use for their needs.

There are thousands of online writing services, beginning to surface a couple of decades ago and exploding as time has gone on. Today, there are thousands of writing companies all competing for your business. Some are clearly fraudulent; some are average or mediocre; some are good; and some are clearly great. We are interested in reviewing as many as possible to separate the “wheat from the chaff,” as the saying goes, and to steer students in the direction of those writing services that are professional, principled, and that offer exceptional products and services to students in need.

The Criteria We Use

We have a set of common criteria that we use to review every writing service we evaluate.

  1. Offered Products and Services: If online writing services state that they provide academic writing products and services, we want to see a complete array of what is offered. This means that the company is clear about the students its serves, the specific products it can provide them, and the process by which it follows through on customer needs and orders. The more a company offers, the more valuable it becomes.
  2. Quality of Products: the true value of writing services lies in its commitment to quality. Quality means that it employs credentialed and qualified researchers and writers, that it ensures original products, authentic research, and commits itself to customer satisfaction. We want to see lots of positive feedback from actual customers; we want to see clear policies in place that guarantee customer satisfaction; and we want to see processes in place that put the customer first.
  3. Quality of Customer Support: While we rely heavily on comments and feedback from customers on their experiences with customer service departments, we also rely on our own experiences. We personally contact the customer support departments, at least via phone and live chat if possible, and ask lots of questions. We want friendly agents, prompt responses, and indications that agents are hired and trained by the company, not part of an independent answering service. Companies that get high marks from us in this area pull a lot of weight.
  4. Prices and Discounts: There is an average price range for this industry, and we do want to see prices that fall within that range. If they fall outside of that range, we do want to understand why that is so. It may be that some services offer no discounts or other perks, so prices are kept lower. It may be that a company’s star point is high but that discounts and other benefits warrant this. We take all of these things into consideration, but one thing we want to see is this: pricing is differentiated based upon the academic level of the customer, the type of product ordered, the length, and the deadline requirement. This is what is fair for the customer. In terms of discounts, there are many variations, and we take these into account.
  5. Additional Benefits: We are used to standard benefits of certain free pages (title, bibliography, etc.) and to guarantees of originality, free revisions, specified formatting, and such. Many companies also have fee-based benefits that include such things as a plagiarism report, VIP customer support, editing, and levels of quality in terms of writers. Whether these fee-based benefits are offered or not, the bottom line is that every customer consistently receives a quality product or service, whether he pays for extra benefits or not.


We spend a lot of time researching writing services and reporting on their commitment to quality and professionalism. And we summarize our findings in full review reports. We also depend upon visitors and users of our review site to provide information on their experiences, to discuss these with one another, and to make requests of us to perform reviews of specific companies. We urge users to be full participants in our important work and to contact us with any questions, comments, and other information.