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Teacheron.com is an in-home and online tutoring service, and we are not sure how long it has been in business. In attempting to conduct this Teacher On review, we have tried to look at many factors – the content on the website, customer testimonials, prices, additional offered benefits, and the general quality of both tutors and customer service and support. 

We are a bit stumped, frankly, because of such a confusing website and many other factors Read on, and you will see why.

Offered Products and Services

Obviously, Teacheron is a tutoring service. The website states that it offers both online and in-home tutoring to students at all academic levels. As we dug further into the website content, we found a map of locations – Africa, South America, some in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, and just a few in the United States. Obviously, students residing in Western European countries and most of the U.S. will not be able to have in-home tutoring – it must be online.

Teacheron.com states that it is a “free” service that matches registered customers with registered tutors. Selection of a tutor is totally up to the customer, as he looks at the options and then makes a choice.

Quality of Products/Tutors

It is tough to comment on the quality of Teacher On tutoring services. Usually, we use customer reviews and our own experience ordering a product or service from the company.

In this case, however, there are no testimonials on the website and we could not find one piece of customer comment or review on the web. We also did not order any tutoring service, for reasons explained below.

Most of the tutors are non-English speaking and seem to focus on math and science. Students looking for tutoring in other subject areas, especially in English essay and paper writing, should avoid using these tutors.

In all, we cannot comment on the quality of the tutors.

Quality of Customer Support

Again, there is none. Because this site is simply a “matching” service, it operates almost “in the dark” and there is virtually no way to get in touch with a customer support department. All communication occurs between student customers and their chosen tutors. We combed through the website looking for some contact information and found none at all.

Prices and Discounts

Here is where things get a bit strange. There are no set Teacher On prices. Payments are totally made by a customer directly to a tutor. You will not find any promo code as a new customer, nor are there any coupon codes for discounted services.

We are really confused about the entire pricing process. It seems that, in order to use the service, customers must buy “coins” in order to register on the site. Likewise, tutors must buy coins to be registered. These coins have no monetary value – the company simply collects payment for them, and then both student and tutors are on their own to find each other. 

Customers deal directly with their tutors in determining pricing and pay their tutors directly. If this does not raise red flags, nothing will. The potential for identity theft and exposure of both personal and financial information is huge. While we cannot state for certain that TeacherOn is a fraud or scam, we certainly cannot recommend that anyone turn over their information through this site. Further, there is no company BBB membership, and we are not surprised about this.

Additional Benefits

There are none. What else can we say here? 


Run, do not walk, away from this tutoring service. We try to list pros & cons of all companies we review, but in this case, there are no pros to list. The website is di-organized; the process is not explained well, there is no customer support, and the lack of security is pretty glaring. We cannot recommend this service in any way, and have given it a rating of “Below Poor.”

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