At Pick the Writer, we have only two goals – to objectively and honestly evaluate online writing services and to provide that information to seekers of writing services, so that they can pick one or more that meets their needs. We continue to research and write reviews on a daily basis because there are literally thousands of writing companies out there that are all competing for your business. We don’t want you to end up using a service that is of poor quality or, worse, a scam. We will “tell it like it is” in every review we publish. We urge users of our site to submit feedback on their experiences with any writing service and to become active participants in our mission to present factual information. In keeping with our mission, we are presenting a comparison of five of our top-rated writing services for research paper writing services.

Our Review Criteria

It is only fair that we use the same criteria for all of our reviews. Here is a brief explanation of them:

  1. Offered Products and Services: When a company claims that it offers specific products or services (academic, business, professional, copywriting, etc.), we want to see a full listing of products and services within that area. When potential customers come to that company website, they want to see that what they are looking for is actually available. A comprehensive set of products and services makes a company more valuable.
  2. Quality of Products: The measure of product quality is the most important factor in our evaluation of a writing service. We use several factors to asses this – the compositional quality of the website, the samples and blog posts on the company site, and, most important, the feedback that customers provide about the quality of products they receive. Unless customers are satisfied, there is little to recommend.
  3. Quality of Customer Support: We rely heavily on the feedback of customers regarding customer support. But we also rely on our own experience. We contact the customer support departments of any service we review. Here is what we look for: we want friendly and helpful agents that are available around the clock so that all time zones are honored. We want detailed and prompt answers to our questions about the company and its products and services. When we receive vague answers or are referred back to the website, we are suspicious. Companies that use their own trained employees rank far higher than those that use an answering service.
  4. Prices and Discounts: Given our experience in reviewing writing services, we have a pretty good idea of reasonable pricing. When companies fall within that reasonable range, we are happy. When they fall outside of that range, we want to know why. Sometimes there are valid reasons. For example, a service may fall below the average range but offer no discounts. We want to see pricing that makes sense and that varies based upon types of products, academic levels, length, and deadline requirements. When companies offer single prices based only upon a number of pages and deadlines, we are a bit suspicious. In terms of discounts, companies do differ. But we look for reasonableness – a newcomer discount and perhaps additional programs for loyal customers.
  5. Additional Benefits: The majority of writing services provide certain free things – title and bibliography pages, perhaps a table of contents, and certainly customer-specified formatting. All companies promise plagiarism-free writing. Some provide a report; others charge for it. Some promise review and editing before delivery and then charge for it as an “extra.” We look at benefits and perks very carefully, as they are indicators of company integrity. Many services offer fee-based benefits, some of which are justified, others not. We will report on the validity of these benefits.


We know that you need or want writing help. Otherwise, you would not be on our site. And you may have had experiences with some writing service, good or bad. We want you to stay an active user or our services, as you seek the best writing service for what you need, participate in discussions, or provide comments and feedback. Feel free to get n touch with to find out more, ask questions, and even request a review of a writing service.