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This is our review of We are writing this in order to accommodate multiple requests for information about this writing service. In order to prepare for this write up, and to be fair and thorough, we took the following steps:

  1. Read customer reviews and testimonials about Essays Writing
  2. Placed an order for an undergraduate essay.
  3. Reviewed that essay for quality and accuracy
  4. Explored the EssaysWriting website
  5. Checked with the BBB to determine whether or not the company was a fraud or scam

The following write up is based on our experiences as well as other information we have gathered while doing research. Feel free to scroll down to read our final thoughts, and to see if we endorse this writing service or not.

Offered Products And Services

We ordered an essay for an undergraduate student. The order process was quite confusing as some of the options didn’t make sense. It was clear that this service does not understand how colleges and universities in the US and other locations are structured. In addition to essays, they offer all of the standard academic writing services. They also offer business writing services, editing, and proofreading.

Quality of Products/Writers

Simply put, our essay was awful. There were grammatical and factual mistakes in multiple places. The sources were outdated blogs that were clearly grabbed from Google. It was just a real mess. The only up side was that the paper did arrive on time.

Quality of Customer Support

We contacted customer support when we placed our order. We simply wanted to ask some very basic questions, to get an idea of their responsiveness and overall knowledge. We had difficulty getting answers to even the most basic questions. When we contacted them again to inquire about the issues we had with our essay, the response was even more frustrating. Nobody at Essays Writing seems to be empowered to help anyone. Instead, it was just endless blame passing and inaction.

Prices And Discounts

We paid $10 dollars per page for an undergraduate essay with a 14 day deadline. These prices are very low by industry standards. However, there does not appear to be coupon codes available. We searched both on and off site for a promo code, and came up empty handed. Payment can be made using standard methods such as debit or credit card, and paypal. We did not encounter any issues with the payment process. We can also verify that we did receive the product that we paid for.

Additional Benefits

Essays Writings doesn’t really offer too much in the way of benefits. The website is a bit difficult to navigate. The only thing we found worth mentioning was a blog. There are some interesting posts there. Students will find these to be interesting. So will business professionals. Beyond that, there just isn’t much to speak of.


We have considered the pros & cons, and we give a final rating of poor. While their costs were low, and they had some quality blog posts, every other factor that mattered was a big miss. The writing was very low quality. Customer support simply didn’t seem to know what they were doing. Worst of all was the fact that the company seems to be run by people who simply don’t understand how academic writing ‘works’.  Instead of wasting money here, please check out our other reviews. We have written up several top websites that are professionals when it comes to academic writing.

Customers’ Reviews

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So bad!

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I used to think hiring a writing service meant I forget about the assignment until it falls into my mailbox. EsaysWriting obviously has a second opinion. I was silly enough having allowed them to do night calls thinking they wouldn’t bother me unless something urgent happened. Wrong! They called me several times a day asking questions like: how many paragraphs should we use to describe the issue X? And such.



1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I got this stupid assignment to wrap an essay into html tags. I’d use an online tool but they make such a mess that I save no time as a result. So I chose Essayswriting thanks to their prices. And what do you think? They ran my text through an online tool and sent it back to me with a bunch of “trashy” code… I can’t express my disappointment with words.