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We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about Students want to know if they can use this company and if Resume Edge is trustworthy. We decided that it was high time to review this company. So, we hit up Google to do a bit of research on ResumeEdge.

The first thing we found is that is actually a subsidiary of Global Writers, LLC. They own many of the writing services advertising on the internet. They have offices in London and Ukraine. This slightly contradicts their claims that Resume Edge is an American company. We searched the BBB for both company names, and neither is accredited. This doesn’t mean ResumeEdge is a fraud or scam. However, it doesn’t paint the company in a positive light either.

We also read customer reviews and testimonials. Finally, we spent a lot of time exploring the website as well as placing an order for a research paper. Once the work we requested was completed, we reviewed it for quality and accuracy. Keep reading to learn more.

Offered Products and Services

Services offered include writing, editing, and formatting. They do offer a wide array of services these could be divided into two categories. The first is academic writing. This includes essays, research papers, term papers, thesis and dissertation assistance, admissions essays, lab reports, case studies, book reviews, and more. The second is business writing. These products include SEO, website content, blog posts, articles, product descriptions, press releases, reviews, and other similar products.

Because our audience was mostly interested in our overall academic rating of this company, we chose to place an order for a research paper. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of that in the next few sections.

Quality of Products/Writers

Since we were asking for refund and revision information, most of you can probably glean that we were not happy with the product that we ordered. The writer failed to use valid academic resources. The formatting was not correct. There were also multiple spelling and grammatical errors, along with a stunning amount of word misuse. We suspect that our writer was not qualified academically and that they weren’t a native English speaker.

Quality of Customer Support

Customer service is uneven at best. The agents were polite enough. Unfortunately, they frequently lacked the knowledge to answer our questions. Later, when we were asking about refunds or revisions, we received conflicting information depending on who we spoke with. Our attempts to escalate things to a supervisor were ignored.

Prices And Discounts

Our research paper cost in excess of two hundred dollars. These prices are very high. In addition to this, we were not offered a discount of any type. We searched various sites and were unable to find coupon codes either. This was quite disappointing, especially considering the relatively low quality of the work that was done.

Additional Benefits

As far as additional features, there isn’t much to speak of here. They do have a blog, but the content isn’t very relevant or interesting. Beyond that, they didn’t offer anything that was really attention-getting.


Our recommendation is that students steer clear of this writing service. They offer poor quality writing, unreasonably high prices, and dicey customer service.


Customers’ Reviews

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not well

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Professionally crafted resume was exactly that something that I was looking for. According to the resumeedge they know what it takes to make one and they know how to achieve the best for their clients to be interviewed and hired. Maybe I am not lucky, maybe I was not appreciated or taken as a client, but the resume that they made didn`t look competitive enough. The chronology of the experience of work was in the different order. There were some things that I had to change on my own before sending to the HR.


I`m unsatisfied

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I`m not really sure who I hate more: Trump or the writer who was combining my resume and a follow-up motivation letter. Even though the price wasn`t the highest among the different resources that I had found online, the thing of a discount could have helped me a lot, as a professional resume on their site is kinda pricey. As a result, I`m unsatisfied with the result of their work and cannot recommend this place.


I give them the minimum grade

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I wanted to place my order at theirs just a couple of days ago (because according to the web it used to be a quite nice resource that can do expert resumes and cover letters). However, their e-mail or feedback form didn`t answer. When I reached the toll-free they informed me that currently they don`t take orders. There I understood that theirs signature of We are coming back at the end of March wasn`t a truthful one. For the fake promises and being closed while the site is still out there I give them the minimum grade. But of course, you can decide on your own what it is that you want.


it was unpleasant

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

What impressed me the most during the partnership with is that they don`t give you any samples. All the writing and creating work they do – they do without letting you know even a single thing about the process. As well, it was unpleasurable to hear something like: and that`s all your experience? maybe, there are some other things so your resume would be normal?
I was like: woah! Did you just say I was stupid and not good enough?! Do not recommend this resource.


The worst service I have worked with so far.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

When you try to find words for this writing service you simply fail. There is nothing special about ResumeEdge. I`d even say they are mediocre though trying hard to pretend they can provide top-notch quality papers. First, I waited two days more than was promised. And then they asked to pay in full and refused to provide any discounts for inconveniences. The worst service I have worked with so far.