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The following is our write up of overnightessay.com. In order to conduct this review, we researched the company on the BBB website, read customer reviews, explored the company’s website, and placed an order for a paper. Here we describe our experiences and provide a few final thoughts.

Offered Products And Services

We found only academic products and services. These are even further limited as the company does not offer the full range of services that other services due. Typical product offerings are essays, research papers, and term papers. We were a bit surprised that they did not offer more services.

Quality of Products/Writers

The paper we received was exceptionally poor. It was full of errors. The writer did not follow our instructions. There were also paragraphs that did not fit into the paper. This made us suspect that this paper was cobbled together from other papers and written again. We would not have been comfortable turning this in for a grade.

Quality of Customer Support

We attempted to work with customer support regarding our issues of originality, writer’s failure to follow our instructions, and the overall poor quality of the paper that we received. These attempts were ineffective and frustrating. Everyone we spoke to seemed to be determined not to help us or simply incompetent. OvernightEssay offers 24/7 customer support, but we suspect that they utilize an answer service most of the time.

Prices And Discounts

We were charged 18 dollars per page for an entry level essay. We selected a two week deadline, and our subject was quite simple. Overnight Essay prices are decidedly higher than average. We were able to apply a promo code. There is also a discounts page that details other coupon codes. However, we felt as if they would have to go to extraordinary measures to make up for the lack of quality, poor customer support, and deceptive operating practices.

Additional Benefits

We conducted a review of the overnightessay.com website to find any perks or benefits. There really did not appear to be any. A blog is available. Sadly, the posts are poorly written, and aren’t on any topics of interest. Instead they are very promotional. The ones we read were essentially testimonials for OvernightEssay.

Interested customers can find writing samples on the site. We did review a couple of those. They appear to be written by qualified writers. They do not reflect the quality of writing that paying customers receive.


Believe it or not, we don’t like giving negative reviews. We believe the more quality writing services there are, the more it benefits students. However, in the cases where we believe there is deliberate intent to deceive customers, we are happy to call these companies out. Overnight Essay is a fraud or scam. In most cases, the websites we review have a mix of pros & cons. Unfortunately in this case our rating is entirely negative due to poor quality writing and disturbing allegations of reselling papers.

Please do not use this writing service. Check out our other reviews. There are several companies that offer original writing and attentive customer service.


Customers’ Reviews

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Unpleasurable resource

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

They are not telling the whole truth about the quality of their paperworks. No plagiarism? Hm, then why was it found in my work? Even though they agreed there was plagiarism, they didn`t give me the money-back nor did they reviewed/rewrote it for free. Unpleasurable resource.


bunch of errors

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

OvernightEssay is that typical resource with lots of promises but no actual help. No matter how many stories they tell you and how good those stories sound – do not believe. All you get would be a weak paper without any QA/Plagiarism report and without any chance of future development in case of errors (and believe me, there would be more than enough of them).


We can't talk about quality here

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I have high concerns about the quality and level of academic education that they have. Why? Simply because my order wasn`t as I expected it to be. As well it was delayed and had major disagreements between the aspects of must to be included.


Nothing was done

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

At first sight, everything seems fine. Informative website, polite support members and the price is not that high. But then you receive your coursework and realise why they charged so little and did everything so fast. Because it doesn`t take much time or effort to google a random coursework and send it to the unsuspecting client. Perfect business model!


I am frustrated

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I paid for my paper and then just for fun decided to google some passages from it. And you know what I found? Entire excerpts in the text were copied and pasted. That`s called cheating, guys. Because everyone can do it. And you ask to pay for such a service. I am frustrated and regret that I gave you the money I could have spent on something else.