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Prices 1.5
Quality 1.5
Delivery 2.0
Support 1.0

As the name indicates, “bills” itself as a homework assistance site, not as a writing service. We conducted our review, though, just as we have every other writing service. We first read through all of the website content, including the landing page and the other five pages to which a visitor can link. We also reviewed the site-published testimonials, sample works, articles on the company blog, the ordering process and responsiveness of customer support, customer reviews which have been posted off-site, and the results of an order we placed for a college level history paper. Here’s what we found.

Offered Products and Services

The Assignment Expert home page focuses almost entirely on homework help, especially in math, science and IT. It is lengthy and a bit redundant, repeating the same information about high quality, qualified experts, affordable prices, etc.

Once the visitor gets beyond the home page content, however, it is evident that other products and services are also offered. Students at all study levels can order homework in other subjects too, and that includes essays and papers as well as just homework assignments.

Quality of Products/Writers

To determine the quality of AssignmentExpert products, we looked at the quality of writing on the website pages, customer reviews, a reading of a number of examples on the site, and the quality of the paper we ordered.

  • The website content is well-written, although as we said before, somewhat redundant.
  • Assignment Expert examples are numerous and diverse. The math-related homework assignment samples were good. We also reviewed some of the essays and papers in other subject areas. Here, we found less than exceptional work. One on the French Revolution, for example, was pretty thin on content, as well as repetitive.
  • Testimonials on the site are all quite positive. Those that we found elsewhere, however, are very mixed. While customers who had ordered help with math and science homework assignments were generally pleased, those who had ordered writing products, not so much. Common complaints were quality of writing, some illogic in structure, and old and outdated resources.

Quality of Customer Support

There is no phone number for the company. Visitors and customers can contact AssignmentExpert via email and live chat. We did send an email with some questions about essay and paper writing in English and did not receive a response for two days. We also began a live chat and stated we had some questions about dissertation help. Even though the chat box indicated they were online at the time, we never received an answer to our question, and we waited about 45 minutes, checking back periodically. Nothing. This does not inspire a lot of confidence and is certainly something the company should fix.

Prices and Discounts

To place an order, a customer first submits an order form with the details and their email addresses. They then state that they will check and see about a writer and send prices to those email addresses. We could not find a promo code for any newcomer discounts, nor was there any mention of discounts or coupon codes for sales or special pricing. Our paper was priced at $143, which is right within the average range.

Additional Benefits

The guarantees that the company offers are the only benefits we found. These include high quality, direct conversation between a customer and his/her writer, plagiarism-free content, and formatting. No other benefits are listed.


Assignment Expert is certainly not a fraud or scam. When we looked at pros & cons, getting orders to customers on time is a plus. This is outweighed, though, by the negatives about quality and resources. Further, Assignment Essay does not have a BBB membership, which is definitely a negative. Overall, our rating is “Fair.”


Customers’ Reviews

1.1 rating
1.1 out of 5 stars (based on 8 reviews)
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exclusively bad

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

They are as distant as an internet business can possibly be. You can’t get in touch with them through phone and have to wait hours to get an answer through email. No chance to talk to your writer, everything is performed through email. So, if you have some additional guidelines, they probably won’t be considered since no one ever checks that heckin email!


cheap but I'm likely to wait for quite a while

3.0 rating
April 1, 2020

They are at the weird side among similar writing companies. Limited ways of getting in touch with customer support and writers, services range is rather small, the website looks old… I still order from them once in a while because they are cheap and I must say I always get my order. But, if I want a revision, I’m likely to wait for quite a while.

Annie Rhein

I won't ever visit this website again

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I’m speechless. This is so bad, I have no words to describe this! They are no experts, not even people who try to deliver a good service. My paper was a simple rewrite of the first two articles in google which didn’t even quite match the topic! There is no research to speak of and their customer support is everything except the support! I won’t ever visit this website again


disappointed me

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Quickly? Yes, everything was ready in a blink of an eye. If talking about quality, it`s not that bloomy. My teacher found a lot of inaccuracies and gave me “fair” saying that I don`t pay enough attention. That`s definitely not what I expected from this service for the sum I paid. I wish I had had more time to look for a service that wouldn’t have disappointed me that much.


did exactly nothing.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

The illusion of high quality is the only thing they can make and create. Professional essays? Impressive research papers? Well-crafted lab reports? Nope. Why would they push themselves to do something good when it`s possible to do exactly nothing.