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Prices 2.1
Quality 1.2
Delivery 2.3
Support 1.3 has been around since 2008 with a singular purpose – help students with their admissions, scholarship, and personal statement essays. Because their business model was a bit different, we were not able to use every factor that we normally do when reviewing a writing service. Nevertheless, we have been able to use several of our criteria – website structure and content, on-site testimonials, a review of a sample product, customer reviews and comments at off-site locations, and our own submission of an essay for their review. The following is a summary of what we found.

Offered Products and Services

My Essay does not offer original, from scratch products to its customers. What it does offer is an editing/proofreading service for students who have completed their admissions, scholarships and personal statement essays, stating that it has exceptional and skilled “readers” who will review student work and make suggestions for improvement. Categories for editing include undergraduate admissions essays and personal statement pieces for MBA, medical, law, and other grad program applicants. These are provided as links on the home page.

Quality of Products/Writers

Because My Essay provides no original products, the quality of their work must be judged by the information provided on their website, samples of editing that their “readers” have completed, and customer feedback. As well, we assessed the results of a college admissions essay we submitted for review.

  • At first glance, the MyEssay site appears to have an amazing amount of content – suggestions, tips, sample essays, etc. As we checked each category link, however, we discovered that it is the same content repeated over and over again. There is no content specific to each type of essay type, and, as well, the focus on other pages all seems to be geared to the MBA candidate.
  • Suggestions and tips are all quite common and those that re-found anywhere o the web
  • We were able to find several customer comments and feedback entries elsewhere on the web. Most felt that, for the money, they probably could have gotten the same reviews and suggestions from peers who were skilled writers.
  • We submitted an undergraduate admissions essay with obvious flaws – lack of a thesis statement, poor transitions between paragraphs, a weak conclusion, and a boring introduction. In addition, we included a number of grammatical errors to “test” the reader’s ability to identify them. The results were mixed. Some obvious issues were not cited.

While is certainly not a fraud or scam, it does not appear that the “expert” readers do not truly provide a comprehensive edit. Further, there is no BBB membership, which we always like to see.

Quality of Customer Support

Here are some major issues. First, we were unable to even find the method by which an essay can be submitted for review. And, unfortunately, the link for “contact us” is broken. We had to search the web for information on the company so that we could contact them directly in Houston, Texas. It is unlikely that a visitor to this site would go through what we did to get in touch.

Further, we discovered that the domain will expire within the next several months, and we wonder if it will even be renewed. Traffic to My Essay is low. Our rating of customer support is extremely poor.

Prices and Discounts

Visitors should not look for any discounts on this site – no promo code and no coupon codes for special pricing are mentioned anywhere. MyEssay prices are inflexible. There is a single price – $59.95 – for a review of an essay.

Additional Benefits

There is an e-book available for download that provides tips and suggestions for writing an essay; there are also links to such things as “top 10 mistakes.” Beyond that, there are not benefits.


We are a bit “stumped” as we try to assess pros & cons. It appears that what started out as a pretty good idea for an editing service has just not “delivered.” Information is redundant and thin. Methods of contact and ordering are currently non-existent. Trying to used will be a waste of time, and our overall rating is “Very Poor.”

Customers’ Reviews

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Lowest grades

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I`m glad that I listened to my friend and didn`t order on MyEssay. From his experience this writing resource isn`t even close to being capable of adequate and normal orders` completion. I tried to talk to their customer support but didn`t get much success. That assured me even more in the correctness of my decision not to order at theirs. Consuming all of the above I give them only the lowest grades.


It was a bad experience

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I have a problem with writing services that promise high-quality papers but deliver mediocre papers instead. It wasn’t until now that I realized the importance of spelling and checking the paper. The content wasn’t very good also. It was a bad overall experience that I won’t repeat! And I definitely don’t recommend using this service ’cause it’s a simple waste of money.