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On the surface, the business model of looks to be a bit different than most online writing services. The website itself is so sparse in content, it is difficult to have a full understanding of the company and what it actually offers. Still, we have done our best to ferret out exactly what consumers can expect from this agency. We have looked at the testimonials on the site; we have reviewed what little site content there is; we studied the FAQ’s, and we found a number of customer reviews on the web. All of these things, coupled with our own order of a paper, have resulted in the summary that we have provided here.

Offered Products and Services

From the onset, Help My Essay makes it clear that it offers sample essays to students at all academic levels – nothing less, nothing more. It also makes clear that these essays are not to be submitted as one’s own – they are only samples to use as a student writes his/her own.

There is a list on the site of over 100,000 essay topics from which a student can choose. He is then provided a brief sample introduction and prompted to order a full custom essay on the topic. The other option is for a student to go straight to the order form and provide details of what s/he wants, make payment, and submit the order.

There is no distinction among academic levels, and the maximum deadline time is five days.

Quality or Products/Writers

The content on the HelpMyEssay site is so sparse, we really could not evaluate the quality of writing. We linked to a few of the essay topics and read through the sample introductions. These were certainly adequate in terms of grammar and composition.

Customer testimonials on the site are all quite good. Everyone is happy with the products they receive.

Off-site, it’s a different story. There are complaints that the products received are such poor quality that they cannot serve even as a sample to be used as a model.

The essay we received was of the same poor quality. Furthermore, we now understand why they are so adamant about not submitting the “custom samples” they sell. Parts of it were clearly plagiarized.

While we are not ready to call this agency a fraud or scam, there are clear red flags and warning signs. There is not BBB membership either.

Quality of Customer Support

There is, in fact, no customer support. There is no phone number (the company states it is because it saves everyone money); there is no live chat. There is only an email address and form to ask questions. Companies that operate this way are highly suspect.

Prices and Discounts prices run about average for a “custom essay.” Customers should not look for discounts, special pricing coupon codes, or a new customer special promo code.

There is no distinction between any academic level – pricing for a high school essay or paper is the same as that for a graduate level piece. This is also typical of services that don’t produce original pieces, written by credentialed individuals.

Additional Benefits

While Help My Essay insists that it only produces samples, it also offers free reference pages and revisions. How does that work? Beyond these two benefits, there is nothing else offered.


Looking at pros & cons is not even necessary with this essay service. HelpMyEssay has some seriously questionable practices, lack of transparency, does not deliver original products and is a service we would never recommend. Our rating is “Poor.”

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doesn't offer high-quality papers as they claim

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I wonder how it’s possible for an expert to write such a bad article. Or maybe just doesn’t offer high-quality papers as they claim to do. I got a “C” on my report. Paying for something should imply getting the desired service, but apparently, this is not the case here.