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Prices 2.5
Quality 2.3
Delivery 2.3
Support 2.3 states that it has been in business for several years. We have found information on the web dating back three years. Its website is laid out much like other writing services, with general information on the home page and links to other pages the provide additional information. Along the right rail of the home page is a listing of products, and these can all be accessed for further detail. In preparing this review, we looked at many factors – the content provided on the site, information on writers, on-site testimonials, additional content on the blog and product description pages, customer reviews we have found on the web, and, as always, what we learned from ordering a research paper ourselves. Here is all that we found.

Offered Products and Services

Stable Writers has a strong focus on academic products, all of which are listed and include essays, papers, and other written coursework assignments, all the way through doctoral dissertations. The site states that it also offers resume services and business writing, though it does not spend time speaking to these on its site pages. Rounding out the services are editing, proofreading and re-writing.

Quality of Products/Writers

Reading through the website content, we were struck by a number of grammatical, sentence structure and verb/word usage errors., indicative of ESL writers. We found the same issue on the blog, after reading through several of the posts. We were interested to see what customers had to say about the quality of products they received from StableWriters.

  • Comments and feedback from former customers were mixed. While everyone stated they received their orders on time, they were disappointed in the writing and resource quality, as well as the revisions they received when they requested them.
  • Our paper contained the same issues, and we strongly suspect it was produced by an ESL writer, despite the company claims that they use only UK and US native writers, all with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees.

We have no reasons to believe that I a fraud or scam – far from it. But we do not believe the company is completely honest about the backgrounds of its writers.

We could find no BBB membership, and we do always like to see that as further proof of a company’s reputation.

Quality of Customer Support

The department is open around the clock via telephone, but live chat is only available once a customer reaches the ordering stage. Email is always available too.

We contact customer support by phone prior to placing our order, and asked some detailed questions about who would be writing our paper. We were assured that a US native would be producing it. We also asked about dissertation work, since there was a page dedicated to details of their expertise. We were told that we could have a Ph.D. writer in our field and that we could get a full dissertation within 7 days. Either the rep did not have his/her fact straight, or Stable Writers is delivering something that cannot possibly be of decent quality.

Prices and Discounts

StableWriters prices are higher than average. Our paper was priced at $227.20, or $28.40/page with a 7-day deadline (8 pages). We could find no discounts or any type of newcomer promo code on the site. However, during the ordering process, we did ask customer support about it and received a discount with a coupon code that brought the price down to $193.00. There is a pricing page that provides costs for writing, editing, and business products.

Additional Benefits

Free title and reference pages are provided, along with free revisions. There are also fee-based extras including a premium writer level and proofreading. The company makes references to its policy guarantees, but no policies are published on its site, so it is difficult for a customer to know how s/he is protected.


As we consider pros & cons of Stable Writers, we are struck by the lack of published policies, the issues of writing quality, and the fact that claims are at least somewhat exaggerated. For these reasons, we are assigning a rating of “Fair.”


Customers’ Reviews

2.0 rating
2 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)
Very good0%

disappointed me

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I had a negative experience working with this company due to a poor communication. It was hard to get in touch with the person assigned to my paper. The staff isn’t friendly either and kind of rude. Overall, the essay was okay, with just a few mistakes and delivered on time. But all the other aspects disappointed me.

Ryan G.

Difficult question of whether I`d use them again...

3.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Out of ten reasons why it worth working with them I can name only two – 24/7 responsive support and one place for all writings, as for the last, they do propose a wide range of different writing assignment services. Yet, everyday is not Sunday. I didn`t get my promised plagiarism report and I`m not sure if the quality assurance department even exists on their resource. Difficult question of whether I`d use them again…


Look for something better.

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. That`s the answer that I got from the support department member to my complaint of a poorly written essay. No revision acceptance, no additional discount (however I got one as a new client), no proposal of editing, nothing! Sad to admit, but this resource doesn`t worth those hopes and that money that you place in it. Look for something better.


that was the first and the last time that I asked for any kind of a writing help at theirs

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Even though that isn`t the worst writing resource that I have seen in my life, that was the first and the last time that I asked for any kind of a writing help at theirs. First of all, it is expensive. Second, they lie about 24/7 support, because in fact, they do not answer during the weekend. And third, you aren`t given a plagiarism report that can guarantee your order to be of a good quality. Frustrating…


The quality of my essay was average

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I was really hesitant about writing this review since this service is not good enough to praise it but it`s also not that bad to complain about. The quality of my essay was average, nothing outstanding, the support members were neither friendly nor rude. I`d say if you have no choice and you need to hand in at least something you can give this website a try.