Entering graduate school can cause you not only tuition fees but extra time out of employment, which means the decision to enter it should not be taken lightly. Nevertheless, there are also a number of compelling reasons why you should go to graduate school. Firstly, it is a good investment in your future as it adds value to a student’s knowledge and skills.

Secondly, it can help you get noticed in today’s job market. You have to be as competitive as possible because the majority of the job seekers today also hold graduate degrees so the higher the academic level you finished, the higher the chances of getting hired. Thirdly, it is a good venue to expand your network which can be very useful career-wise. It can also be your chance to work with the best and experts in the field. Additionally, you will have access to relevant resources which can add up to your knowledge and wisdom.

Lastly, it can increase your financial prospects. Holding a graduate degree is a premium you have against those who do not have one, and you will be paid for it accordingly. Of course, there are other benefits of getting a graduate program other than these.

What is MSt Degree?

As compared to the other more popular graduate degrees, some students may wonder what is MSt degree. The Master of Studies, otherwise known as M.St. or MSt, is a postgraduate degree offered at select universities including the University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, and the Australian National University, among others. It is a part-time Master’s degree designed for individuals who are also working full time at the same time. It allows students to develop their professional and academic interest in career progression, diversification, and personal development. Master of Studies is comparable to other graduate degrees such as Master of Laws, Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Philosophy, and requires completion of classroom study and a thesis.

MSt students are usually required to have some years of experience before they can undertake the program. It usually takes over two years and requires students to finish a coursework, research project, and associated dissertation. The coursework is usually broken down into discrete modules and research projects, which can be work-related. Additionally, an MSt can be a stepping stone to doctoral study but only if the students meet the required standard.

A Masters degree, on the other hand, is a second-cycle academic degree that is awarded by universities upon completion of a specific field of study or area of professional practice. There is a long list of Masters degrees offered by universities including –

  • Master of Accountancy,
  • Master of Advanced Study,
  • Master of Applied Finance,
  • Master of Applied Science,
  • Master of Architecture,
  • Master of Arts, and
  • Master of Science

with the last two degrees having several sub-degrees under each category. The requirements for each Masters degree may vary from each type, and from school to school but normally requires a previous study at the Bachelor’s level. Some schools may offer these degrees separately or as an integrated course. Because of these differences, it would be best for students to call their prospective universities first to inquire about the requirements.

A Masters degree usually takes one to three years to complete, either part-time or full-time. As already mentioned, this will depend on which type, country, or school the students are enrolled in. Generally speaking, a Master’s degree is categorized into two main types – a taught Masters degree and a research Masters degree. The former type is relatively more structured with students following a program of lectures, seminars, and supervisions. They can also choose their own research project to explore. The latter type is relatively a more independent work where students pursue a longer research project but shorter teaching time.

Additionally, since a Masters degree is designed for working professionals, a student can find many options available to suit his needs. It can be a distance learning where he can learn entirely via online or attend a short residential course or visit his chosen institution intermittently; it can also be a part-time learning where he can structure the course schedule around his job; and finally, it can be evening and weekend classes.

A Masters degree is one of the types of graduate degrees. The other traditional category is a Doctoral. Many universities actually offer these as combined programs. A doctoral degree is the highest earned academic degree that can either be professional or academic. Professional doctoral degrees stress the practical application of knowledge and skills such as the Doctor of Education whereas the academic doctoral degrees focus on advancing knowledge through original research in a given academic field such as the Doctor of Philosophy. Depending on the university, a doctoral degree usually takes three to six years to complete.

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