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Prices 1.5
Quality 1.8
Delivery 2.0
Support 1.6

This Edusson review has been written because we were contacted by several individuals asking if we knew of this writing service. We did not at the time and thus decided to conduct our regular review of the company. The review is based upon all of the factors we use in evaluating any writing company – the information provided on the website, samples of writing products, Edusson testimonials found on the site, pricing, Edusson customer reviews found on social media and other review sites, our communication with customer support, and the quality of product and service through our order of a college-level research paper. The summary of all of our findings is included here.

Offered Products and Services

The company appears to be strongly focused on academic writing products for high school, undergraduate, and graduate students. These include all of the standard writing products that students would receive as assignments, including graduate level theses and dissertations.

In addition to academic writing, the company states that it offers content writing for web-based organizations and businesses that have blogs and social media accounts.

Quality of Products/Writers

To assess quality, we rely on sample that the company publishes on its sites, testimonials, and reviews we find on other review sites and social media.

  • The site appears to be a clearinghouse for freelance writers. When placing an order, interested writers place bids on the order, and then the customer is free to chat with writers being considered.
  • There are no sample writings and no customer testimonials on the site itself, until the customer click on the “profile” of a writer s/he is considering. Then pages of testimonials appear relative to that writer. There is no other profile information provided on that “profile.”
  • We contacted a writer for our paper. It was ridiculous and most certainly a bot was answering our questions. The writer was listed as having a Ph.D., so we asked her for information about her degree. She stated she had a Master’s in sociology. We responded that her profile stated she has a PhD. answer? “Yes.” We asked for a university, and there was a long pause. Finally, the answer was Harvard University.
  • Even with misgivings we ordered our research paper from the writer we had contacted. Our misgivings were well-founded. The paper was structurally inferior and included many sentence structure, word usage, and other grammatical errors. We asked for resources from professional journals and got books instead.
  • Customer reviews of this company on review sites are not good. Customers complain that they received terribly written products, in a couple of cases plagiarized works, and that customer support was of no help.

Quality of Customer Support

We contacted the customer support chat line three times during the course of our order and receipt process. Again, it appeared that we were speaking with a bot. Answers were in short phrases and did not always relate specifically to our question. The most common answer was to complete and order form first.

When we contacted customer support to complain about the quality of our paper, we were ignored for several days, other than the instruction to contact our writer. The writer then told us to contact customer support for a refund – quite a runaround. There is not phone number for the company, and that is not a good sign either.

­Prices and Discounts

­Do not expect to find any great discount code or any Edusson coupon for special pricing or discounts. All pricing is handled between the customer and the selected writer who has bid on the project. There is very little variance among the bids and when we asked our writer about possible Edusson promo codes, she did not respond. Nor did customer support.

In short, prices are whatever the writer bids.

Additional Benefits

There are no additional benefits, nor is there any type of breakdown of pricing that would include title pages or bibliographies being free – there is just a single price for the piece. The company states it checks writing work for plagiarism, but we found some that was not caught.


Is Edusson safe? Yes, we would say that our information was kept confidential (assigned a customer number), and the payment process was secure. But being safe does not make a decent writing service. There is also no BBB membership, though there are a number of registered complaints.

We would not recommend this service. Writers are clearly not ENL, given the paper we purchased, and customers are probably speaking with bots. Quality if not good. We therefore provide a rating of “Poor.”


Customers’ Reviews

1.4 rating
1.4 out of 5 stars (based on 17 reviews)
Very good0%

They have failed to meet even my deadline

3.0 rating
April 2, 2020

Well, the website is quite minimalist. I couldn’t find any useful information, so I contacted the support. They almost made me order the paper. I wasn’t sure if I should, but the manager was so annoying telling me about all the benefits and how cool they were that I placed an order in the end. I set the deadline in 3 days, but it was still late for 2 hours. It was written fine, but late delivery disturbed me. I’m not sure whether they are able to perform urgent tasks on time, if they have failed to meet even my deadline.

Kate P.

This service is like a coin with two sides

1.0 rating
April 2, 2020

Not good nor bad. This service is like a coin with two sides. On the one hand – they can do some good job with your paper work. On the other – the pricing and provided support do not really worth your time and trying. I will not use this service any time soon. But thank them for doing at least 75% of my order.


I`m so disappointed!

2.0 rating
April 2, 2020

Edusson is not the best and the most favorite place of mine. In fact, I agree, that sometimes they can do some nicely written papers (based on my experience). I used to be their regular customer until last month. I have no clue what happened, but such a terrible paper help I have never had in my life. It was delayed and it even had copy-paste marks in it! Disgusting! I`m so disappointed!


I strongly regret relying on them and expecting real writing help.

1.0 rating
April 2, 2020

The slogan of Edusson being Leading Essay Writing Platform – is totally incorrect and unacceptable. The maximum that you can get at theirs is the discount. Becuase in fact, they don`t do nice writing, they only do nice promising, which, sadly, you believe in. I strongly regret relying on them and expecting real writing help.


It`s sad

1.0 rating
April 2, 2020

It`s sad that I wasn`t able to speak directly to my writer. It created lots of difficulties for my order and for its normal completion. Three stages communication is a complete waste at this writing web-platform. You are being left waiting forever and you cannot even be sure that you are waiting for something good.




Kevin Reviewed

I can’t say that papers I ordered where written very badly, they were ok, but the way how their support team treats customers is awful!


Muhammad Reviewed

I can’t say that papers I ordered where written very badly, they were ok, but the way how their support team treats customers is awful!