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Prices 2.3
Quality 1.5
Delivery 2.1
Support 2.5

Dissertationteam.com has been in business since 2013. By the title of the company, one would assume that they only write dissertations; however, once a customer arrives at the website, he can see that they do more than that. We have received inquiries about this writing service, and, for that reason, decided to conduct a Dissertation Team review, so that we could provide accurate information to students considering the use of this service. We look at a number of features and elements of the companies we review – the information they provide to site visitors, DissertationTeam testimonials contained on the site, customer support responses to our detailed questions, pricing and discounts, DissertationTeam customer reviews we have found around the web, and the quality and service we received through our order and receipt of a research paper.

Offered Products and Services

Dissertation Team focuses on thesis and dissertation products. Beyond that, however, students at all levels of study can order essays and research papers. In fact, when we accessed the order form to place our order for a research paper, we were shocked to find that the company offer both academic and business writing. We are unsure how anyone would know this through reading any of the site information. In fact, even the pricing link only provides calculations for essays, research papers, theses and dissertations.

We are assuming that the company really does not want business writing orders or to produce other academic type products, even though they are all listed in the drop down menus., including editing and proofreading services.

Quality of Products/Writers

Level of quality can only be assessed by actual products that are delivered to customers. While we certainly take into account the testimonials on the website, we are more interested in dissertationteam.com reviews that we find in other places. Fortunately, we were able to find customer comment and feedback. Her are the results of our evaluation of quality:

  • No samples are available on the website. When we asked customer support for a sampling we were told they were not available.
  • Customer feedback found on the web was very mixed. Some customers claim that the company produces very poorly written products, and that these are obviously completed by ESL writers, even though a US. writer was requested.
  • Our experience was quite similar. Our research paper included many structural and grammatical errors as well as incorrect word usage. Further, our instructions regarding resource materials were ignored. As it stood, the paper could not have been submitted. We did request revisions, but those were not much better.

Quality of Customer Support

Calling the company is of little benefit. It is obvious that an answering service is being used, and we were continually told to check the FAQ link or to go ahead and place our order.

Chatting online a bit better, although as soon as we began to ask about dissertation services we were transferred to an “expert” who still was unable to provide all of the detail we requested. We were told to complete the order form and, once a writer was found, we could discuss our questions with that writer.

We were also told that a 125-page full dissertation could be completed in 15 days – this certainly creates suspicion.

Prices and Discounts

DissertationTeam.com prices are very low for thesis and dissertation writing. A full dissertation with a 15-day deadline is only $28.80/page. College level research paper writing, however, is quite pricey. Our 8-page paper, with a 7-day deadline, was priced at $227.20 and the price-per-page was not that much less that the price for a dissertation.

No DissertationTeam.com discount code is provided for new customers within the content of the site. Nor could we find any Dissertation Team promo codes for new or returning customers. It does not appear that regular discounts are provided to customers. When we did get into the ordering process, we were asked to complete a survey for 15% off of our order, and did receive a DissertationTeam coupon code for that.

Additional Benefits

Normal free benefits are supplied, to include title and bibliography pages, tables of contents and outlines. Revisions are free according to the company revision policy. Confidentiality is also guaranteed along with a secure payment process. Is Dissertation Team safe? Yes.


We could not find a DissertationTeam.com BBB membership, which it really should have for credibility purposes. But the larger concern is the quality of products this company produces. If I were a PhD. candidate in need of dissertation assistance, this company would not be appropriate. In fact, even undergraduate level writing products are not up to expectations. We have provided a DissertationTeam.com rating of “fair to Poor.”


Customers’ Reviews

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writer ignored the chapter I had sent him

3.0 rating
April 2, 2020

I ordered a chapter of dissertation from this service and sent a previous one from my work to the writer in order to show him my style. I also wanted this chapter to be a logical continuation of my work. I had no time to do all the chapters by myself and chose DissertationTeam, because they were specialized in writing only this kind of writing assignments. I thought that it guaranteed a high quality of the work. But the result disappointed me! My first impression was that the writer ignored the chapter I had sent him. The chapter stood out against the background of the whole dissertation. I had no time to rewrite it and was obliged to hand it in the way it looked. As a result I got a lower mark and all because of this chapter! Don’t be fooled by this “specialization” like I was fooled.


they fell in my eyes

1.0 rating
April 2, 2020

As for me almost $18 isn`t a small price for one page of any writing paper assignment. I am always careful with my money and know the value of quality. Somehow I decided to trust DissertationTeam with my essay and… they fell in my eyes. Not only they didn`t complete paper on time, they didn`t even try to inform me in advance about the delay. Is keeping hush for almost a day can be counted as professional nowadays? I bet!



2.0 rating
April 2, 2020

Asking them to do any kind of a service for a dissertation is like asking a monkey to put the grenade down – no adequate reaction. Although, the problems with a monkey you have for free, while with the dissertationteam you spend a quite big amount of money. No helpful support department that you can rely on. No actual answer to the questions you put. That`s irresponsible!




Dean Reviewed Dissertation Team

I will probably look for some other writing company. This one is not always able to deliver papers in time! Don’t want to risk!


Taniya Reviewed Dissertation Team

Pretty ordinary writing resource with quite average writing. If you need your paper ASAP and don`t have any other service in stock this can do it for you.