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Prices 1.7
Quality 1.7
Delivery 1.9
Support 1.9

We are not quite certain how long has been in the business of providing writing services – this information is not provided on its site. However, we have been able to find customer reviews, in the form of feedback and comments on social media and some reviews that go back several years. We are also unable to find a headquarters address for the company, nor a BBB membership. Still, there is plenty of information to provide an objective review of the company and its products/services – lots of content on the site itself, including posted testimonials, our interaction with the customer support department, a large number of samples, a blog, and footer pages that provide more in-depth detail about specific products. As always, we ordered a college level research paper from the site to assess actual quality of a delivered product. Our summary is what follows.

Offered Products and Services

Best Custom Writing focus clearly on academic products and services. The site has a link on its home page that separates its offerings into categories – academic, dissertation, admissions, editing, and assignments. By clicking on any of these items, students are taken to further explanation. Unfortunately clicking on any of them brings up the same generic promotional content, urging students to just complete an order for the product. That was a bit disappointing.

Quality of Products/Writers

Products obviously reflect the quality of employed writers. To gauge quality, we assess the written content on the site, samples of products, b. log posts, and, more important, the feedback from customers. Here is what we found:

  • Writing quality on the BestCustomWriting site itself contains lots of grammatical and structural errors, along with errors in word usage. All of these things point to an ESL-owned site. this of itself is not a bad thing, but surely, they could have gotten one of their claimed-to-be native English-speaking experts to compose this content.
  • The wealth of sample writings is impressive, and most of them reflect good structure and composition. Unfortunately, with a bit of checking, we discovered that these are in no way original – they exist on free databases all over the web. This was certainly a “red flag” for us and deceptive on the part of the company.
  • Off-site customer reviews are not generally positive. Complaints range from poor writing to bad resources to lack of responsiveness and missed deadlines.
  • The research paper we received was obviously written by an ESL individual unfamiliar with the nuances of English grammar and word usage. It was a disappointment.

There is no information about the company writers other than to say that they have experience and backgrounds in academic writing.

While we can state that is not a fraud or scam, we do have issues with their practices and their quality. Products and services do not inspire confidence.

Quality of Customer Support

We contacted the customer support office by phone and live chat. We asked the same detailed questions that we always do – about writers, about our own paper order, and about Ph.D. dissertations.

First, the reps are difficult to understand and are obviously foreign. They have scripted responses which they provide after checking that script. And we were told that a full doctoral dissertation could be produced and delivered within 3 days – clearly impossible. And yet, the order form allows this deadline too.

Prices and Discounts

Best Custom Writing prices run about average Our 8-page paper, due in 7 days, was priced at $139.60. New customers receive 20% discounts, with a promo code, and there is actually a 25% discount on the second order – quite an incentive to return. Volume discounts range from 5 – 15% dependent upon the number of pages in the order. The link on discounts and special pricing speaks to a number of special pricing events for which coupon codes will be provided.

Additional Benefits

There are free benefits, including the promise of a plagiarism check and revisions. Customer will also get free title pages and bibliography pages. Customers can add any of several fee-based benefits, including a plagiarism report, an abstract or summary, etc. during the ordering process.


As we looked at the pros & cons of BestCustomWriting, we were struck by the thin explanations and content on the blog and in the footer pages. We have concerns about some deceptive practices, passing off samples as original, for example. As well, the promise of an original dissertation, complete with an entire research study, within a 3-day time span, is simply ludicrous. They obviously do not understand the process by which these capstone projects are completed. Overall, we are providing a rating of “Fair-to-Poor.” We do not recommend this service.


Customers’ Reviews

1.5 rating
1.5 out of 5 stars (based on 14 reviews)
Very good7%

Not recommend to you

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

This business claims to hire professional writers to get the job done. Unfortunately, it’s not the case here. I wasn’t content with the result or the overall experience. First, the paper arrived later by a couple of hours. Secondly, it lacked the proper research it required. Not recommend to you and not gonna use it myself anymore.


It didn`t worth it.

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Their captivating discount got me fooled. I should have checked the outcome quality before actually making my order on theirs. The special price shown on their website, which is $10.76, didn`t work out for me. Nevertheless my order wasn`t urgent and should have been completed in almost three weeks (freshman academic level), the price was higher-ed to $12 per page. In total I paid almost $80 more (even with a discount). It didn`t worth it.


This place doesn`t worth the effort.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Although I had used the discount code FIRST20 and was their new customer they didn`t give me that discount. I`m disappointed and mad! Why?!
The other aspect is that they didn`t guarantee the future/present quality of my order. I was told about that only in the middle of our way of cooperation. One more minus is no direct contact with the assigned person for your order. I didn`t like to waste much time doing three-way communication. This place doesn`t worth the effort.


Stay aware but better away from them

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

My dissertation needed a summary page and also an introduction. If the summary was quite readable after all, the introduction part was completely messed up and full of plagiarism. I suppose, they just copy-pasted it using google translate to surrogate the words with their synonyms. I could have done the same myself and for free! Stay aware but better away from them.


look for different writing resources

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I was looking for something nicely written to propose to my college professor. The task was an essay that would describe the few differences between English and Spanish literature. What a pity that bestcustomwriting resource wasn`t able to provide me with the exact kind of job I needed. Whether due to their unskilled writers, or due to the lack of confidence and knowledge – but I would highly recommend looking for different writing resources that would actually be able to give a hand and not get you suspended of plagiarism.