So, students have found new tools – rewriting tools. These are machine-based software programs that that you can find using hashtag tracking: “Rewrite my sentence generator,” “Rewrite my essay generator,” or “Reword my paper generator.”

Here’s the thing about a rewriting tool. Originally, they were mostly used by article and blog post writers. They would find a great article and decide they wanted to rewrite it. But they were lazy. So, they found “spinning” software to do it for them. Unfortunately, this early software was seriously flawed, and the results were pretty bad. Things have improved since then, and students have discovered the software tools.

Can You Trust a Digital Rewrite Paper Generator?

You can find a rewrite sentence generator if you struggle with writing. You can even find a rewrite paragraph generator, which claims to produce a perfect, grammatically correct piece.

And any student can find a paraphrasing online tool free of charge. Such tools can reword sentences online for free, paragraphs, essays, and papers.

And because they can find an article rewriter free online, students have come to see that they can take an essay or paper that already exists and use such a tool to rewrite it and then submit it as their work.

Trying to avoid plagiarism charges by using a rewriting tool is a risky business. First, while technology is getting better, it is certainly not perfect. Students have gotten rewrites that include awkward structures, incorrect wording, and, in some cases, unintelligible content. This is certainly true of free tools but also of those that are fee-based.

If you choose to use a rewriting tool, you will still want to use a plagiarism checker – students have found that some rewrite still shows up as plagiarized. This has bad consequences.

Fee-Based Rewriting Tools

More sophisticated rewriting tools may be somewhat better than the free ones. You do get what you pay for in most instances. You can’t go in and say, “Rewrite my paragraph free,” but you can pay and say, “Reword this paragraph.” You will probably still want to re-check the re-written product because the nuances and vocabulary can be incorrect.

Other products use artificial intelligence and machine learning to write text. The machine might as well rewrite your piece. Here’s a review of the best AI copywriting assistants.

Human Rewriting Services

This is probably your best bet. If you have produced an essay or paper and it has been returned to you for a rewrite, if you have found an essay or paper that meets the specifics of your assignment, you may want to use the “human” approach.

And that “human” approach can be offered by any number of rewriting services offered by professional writing companies that use degreed and qualified writers.

You can find the best online paper writers by checking out a writing service review website. Such a site investigates writing services and scores them on several factors. You can find a human rewriter that will give you what you need without the risk.

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