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Prices 1.2
Quality 1.1
Delivery 1.3
Support 1.2

DarwinEssay.net states that it has been in the writing service business for “many years: – exactly how many we do not know. We have found comments and references to Darwin Essay that date back to 2014. We have had numerous requests for a review from our users, some of whom have provided us with comments and feedback on their own experiences. In addition to these, we have conducted a full investigation as we always do. Criteria include website content, including testimonials it has published, information on writers, policies, pricing, and other benefits offered to customers. We also searched the web for any other feedback and information. This is what we found.

Offered Products and Services

It appears that Darwinessay.net focuses only on student writing needs. This includes the usual products – essays, papers, analyses, critiques, book reviews, lab reports, case studies, admissions and scholarship essays, and graduate-level projects, theses, and dissertations. Editing and proofreading services are also available.

In this respect, Darwin Essay can be considered a comprehensive academic writing service.

Quality of Products/Writers

Of course, this is the biggest factor in evaluating a writing service. And in terms of quality, what we have seen and heard thus far is not good.

  • The website content, including the few blog posts we read, were all poorly written – many grammar, punctuation, and word usage errors that indicate the company is foreign-owned and using foreign writers. Here is a simple example: a native English-speaking writer would write the phrase, “but it is not always possible.” The phrase in a published blog post is, “but not always it is possible.” These types of errors occur throughout the explanatory pages of the site and in the footer pages that describe the types of products.
  • Users of our site who commented on their products state the same issues. And comments we found out on the web voice the same criticisms.

Darwin Essay clearly states that it uses only native English-speaking writers. This seems to be an exaggeration, at best. If they do use only native writers, why are those writers not used when producing the site content? Students who read such poorly written content are unlikely to see the company as trustworthy.

Quality of Customer Support

Customers can contact the customer support department by phone, live chat, or email. We did communicate by phone and live chat on 3 occasions, with questions about specific products and policies. We were told that a full Ph.D. dissertation, complete with original research, could be completed within 7 days. We had to ask for pricing quotes because the pricing page is broken and does not display the costs.

Agents were friendly and cordial but did not seem to have answers to all of our questions. Long pauses during live chats indicate that agents are searching for answers before responding. We wonder if the company is using an answering service as opposed to live agents.

Prices and Discounts

A basic essay with a 14-day deadline will run $9 a page. When we asked about an admission essay, we were told that the price would run $98 a page for an urgent deadline of hours. 

Discounts range from 5 – 10% and these depend upon the total cost of the order. New customers are offered a 7% discount on their first orders. Discounts may only be used for orders that total more than $30. 

On the pricing page, the calculation chart is empty. But there is information on those extras that are on a fee basis. A plagiarism report will cost $10; a table of contents, another $10; VIP service is $14.99, and a higher quality writer as well as editing the final document both cost extra as well.

Payment methods are safe and secure. Darwinessay.net uses a third-party processor, so it does not receive or store any customer financial information.

Overall, basic pricing seems to be in the low average range; however, the add-ons can bring the cost up quite a bit.

Additional Benefits

Customers can request up to 3 revisions within two weeks after delivery:

  • Title and bibliography pages are free.
  • All other extras are fee-based and will be added to the total cost during the completion of the order form.
  • There is a blog with some decent information; however, poor writing gets in the way here.
  • There is an FAQ link for common questions. However, that page is broken as well, so we were unable to review it.


Wow. We are not certain where to begin. If students are looking for low prices, without any add-ons, they will save some money. The question, though is, are they willing to take the risk of really poor quality for that cheaper price? The quality of writing is just not there, even for such a price. And to get better writing, which should be standard for any writing service, students will pay much more. In short, we do not heartily recommend Darwin Essay and have given it a rating of 2, on a scale of 1-5.


Customers’ Reviews

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Simply wasted my money on them.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I hate when people create fake stories in order to explain their unreliability, just like it was with the writer at Darwin Essay, who created a story about problems with internet/dog/sister/brain. Cannot recommend this place to anyone in need. I’m sure there are services on the web that hire really expert writers. Simply wasted my money on them.



1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Having an order of 5k words in only 3 days is a kinda difficult thing. But the writer in here assured me it wouldn`t make any problem for him to finish it within the time frames that we had agreed on. In three days when the time had came I didn`t receive anything. Anything at all. When I tried to figure out what was wrong they informed me about the one day delay. I didn`t care what your problem was! I needed my paper! I had to give it to my professor! FRAUD!!!


Can not recommend this place.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

In my opinion, for $35 per page it is quite necessary to provide a client with professional support, with follow-up information about the order, and of course with a high quality of the ordered assignment. If you expect all of the above to be found on darwinessay.net – sadly, you have and care extremely wrong expectations. Can not recommend this place.


The final result was disappointing as well

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Fake writers, fake reviews and fake essays. I am not sure if this website can offer anything real. It`s impossible to get in touch with them even after paying for your order. The writer I worked with seemed helpful and in the end didn`t meet a single requirement I mentioned to him. The final result was disappointing as well. They offered me a discount for the delay but it didn`t help.


You may have serious problems at college because of them

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

If I were you I wouldn’t trust your assignment with these guys. It seems that they take as many orders as possible and then realise there are not enough writers to complete them. Trying not to lose money they copy-paste some work on the web and pretend it`s unique and ready-to-submit. Be careful with this service. You may have serious problems at college because of them.




Paul  Reviewed DarwinEssay.net

One of their writers, who performed a paper for me, failed to meet my deadline. It was a really urgent order and such delay spoiled my final grade.