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In recent months, we have received inquiries about the writing service, Because of this, we decided to write a thorough review on Best Term Paper. In a moment, we will describe the steps that we took to research this company. However, before we start, we wanted to reveal some important information.

BestTermPapers is actually a DBA for an organization called Universal Research, LLC. According to the BBB they are located in Reston, VA. However, a google search of the given address reveals a UPS store. In other words, the company is not headquartered there at all. They have simply purchased a mailbox so they can use that address. Usually this means the company is actually headquartered in a non English speaking country. We will leave it to readers to decide if this means that is a fraud or scam.

In addition to the research described above, we also explored the BestTermPapers website, read customer reviews, and ordered a paper. We also read customer testimonials, and conducted a pricing analysis.

Offered Products And Services

Best Term Papers is a wholly academic writing service. They offer essays, term papers, presentations, lab reports, articles, thesis and dissertation assistance, and admissions essay  help. There are other related academic services as well. They offer writing, editing, and proofreading services.

Quality of Products/Writers

We base our quality rating on our interactions with our writer, and also the overall quality of the finished product that we received. Obviously writing quality is most important.

We ordered a college level essay for Best Term Paper. We received our essay within the agreed upon ten days. However, the writer followed none of our instructions. Even worse, the paper was full of errors. This was disappointing because our interactions with our writer were all positive, and they gave no indication that they did not understand.

Quality of Customer Support

Our initial experiences with customer support were were okay. Agents were polite, and as helpful as they could be. However, many struggled to answer our questions. We interacted with customer support through the website and over the phone. We did not notice significant differences using either method of communication.

Prices And Discounts

The initial prices quoted on the website were quite high. We checked out the discounts page. There was a promo code for a 31% discount. This did significantly reduce the original price which was nearly twenty dollars per page. However, coupon codes are not enough to make up for quality issues.

Additional Benefits

There aren’t many benefits here. You can buy VIP customer service and a few addons. However, we don’t see much reason to do this. We did not find any educational or interesting content.


We have weighed the pros & cons, and given this writing service the most fair and thorough observation that we can. Because of the quality issues, high prices, and dubious background of this organization, we  must give this writing service the thumbs down. Please check out some of our highly ranked writing sites instead.


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Do not recommend!

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

Only if you desire to get a bad mark or be under revision committee due to plagiarism – this service is for you. They also do not accept any kind of complain and do not react to customers` feedback. Why would anyone ever want to work with such writing resource?!?


Fraud service!

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I can`t say anything good about this writing company. The writer that was doing my paper behaved like he was doing me a huge favor by agreeing at the first place. To tell the truth, final price was a bit shocking for me because when we were talking about it at the very beginning I was given a completely different one. Fraud service!




Quinn Reviewed

Do not recommend this service because their writers and support team unreliable! They say one thing – do completely another. Is it how professional services work nowadays?!


Jordynie Reviewed

This service can`t give your order perfect look. Its writers simply don`t know how to include thee necessary information and what points of your paperwork should be on a high attention. Don`t recommend