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Support 1.4

24HourAnswers.com is not a traditional writing service. However, because many students have asked us about it, and they do offer academic services, we have decided to write this review. In the interest in being forthcoming, we want to say ahead of time that some of the steps we took to complete our investigation of 24 Hour Answers differed from most reviews. This is due to the fact that the products and services offered here are a bit different.

Our initial steps were the same as usual. We read customer reviews and testimonials of 24houranswers. We verified through the BBB and other sources that they were not a fraud, committing any legal violations, or scam. We conducted a comparison of prices. We sought opinions from students who had placed an order. We looked for sales offers such as coupon codes.

The variance is that students placed two orders instead of one. The first was for a short writing assignment to test the services homework assistance services. The second was for assistance on a math equation to evaluate the tutoring services. We felt as if this was using 24 Hour Answers in the way it was intended. Can this service be trusted to get results? Keep reading to learn more!

Offered Products And Services

Instead of traditional writing, they offer tutoring services, homework assistance, and a library of academic solutions. We opted to ask students to purchase homework assistance, and tutoring services to write this review. We also reviewed some of the information provided in the online library that is provided.

Quality of Products/Writers

Both our writing assignment and our equation could have been much better. The writer clearly only took a few minutes to throw something together. There were both errors and very poor transitions. The equation was correct, but they did not show their work. Students also felt as if they did not end their tutoring sessions having learned any concepts. They simply had the answers provided to them.

Quality of Customer Support

Due to the nature of this service, we did not have much direct interaction with their staff. We made contact with some initial questions, and that is all. The students we worked with on this review had serious concerns though. Many of them contacted customer support with complaints about the quality and accuracy of tutoring services here. They believed in large part that customer service ignored their concerns, and did not help them address any issues. We believe that students using this service should take great care to vet out tutors before they decide to purchase any services. It is fairly clear that dissatisfied customers will not receive much assistance or support.

Prices and Discounts

There is a library of items from which people may purchase products directly. There, prices are published upfront. This is not the case for anything else. Instead, students must negotiate those with the tutor. As such, there is no discounts page. Rather than relying on a promo code, students must simply hope they can negotiate the best price. We recommend submitting payment using PayPal. This is a safe method of payment with low risk. However, it does appear that other payment options available here are secured as well.

Another important note: Students should be aware that tutors here are paid by the hour. One of the risks of this is that many tutors appear to be motivated to drag sessions out as long as possible in order to maximize their pay. Students may need to be assertive to ensure that they do not pay for wasted time.

Additional Benefits

24 Hour Answers does maintain a fairly extensive blog. It is quite well-written. We found the subject matter covered to be quite interesting. However, it is a bit heady. Still, it is definitely a positive attribute overall. There do not appear to be any benefits beyond this.

Another step we took was to thoroughly review all of the policy pages that are published on the website. Why do we do this? Students who use services like this submit quite a bit of personal and financial data. They have the right to know how that information is used, and if it is secured. Unfortunately, we have some concerns.

  • There is no mention of GDPR. This means students in the EU should proceed with caution.
  • We did not find details about the site`s use of cookies.
  • Students cannot delete their data from this service once they provide it.
  • There is a lack of important detail in the policies on this site regarding privacy and data security.


After deliberating, our final rating of 24HourAnswers.com is below average. The written work we reviewed was haphazardly done. It would not have survived any scrutiny in class or under peer review. While the answer we received to the math equation was accurate, not enough explanation was given. Without that explanation, it would have been obvious a student obtained the answer without figuring it out for themselves. A reliable, online tutoring service does not simply provide answers. They help students learn to think their way through problems using the appropriate methodologies. In many cases, that simply does not happen here.

We encourage students to remember that many of the writing services we have reviewed and endorsed also offer daily coursework assistance. These will be much more helpful than the services offered here. For students who need ongoing tutoring, we strongly urge you to find a reputable tutor.


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1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I liked the website and their nice and helpful support members. They explained how everything worked on the website in detail and gladly answered every question I had back then. I wish their tutors were the same. But they are not. I sent a list of topics I had troubles with and I wanted to discuss during our live sessions but the “expert” talked with me about everything else but these issues. In the end, no visible results.



1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I used to work with them for a few weeks and asked to do my homework in Math and Physics. The result is upsetting. My grades are getting even lower than before. They make a lot of mistakes in calculation, write wrong figures and cannot stick to one formatting. Besides, they avoid writing conclusions which were needed and couldn`t make the text readable.

Layla Allen


1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I study in a math class and after spending a month in sick I feel don’t quite get along with the program. So, I took a course from 42houranswers. The first two “lectures” were fine, to recall the basics, but then I figured out the course wasn’t for someone who is in a math class, it’s too simple. The supports told me they didn’t have any other classes for me and the custom package is too expensive (I don’t think it would help me, either, since instructors are obviously the same).

Sampa S

did nothing

2.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I somewhat lost control over my time and needed someone to push me back on track. The feedback on the first lab report was great, I was pointed at the mistakes I knew I shouldn’t have done and the paper looked much better after I rewrote it in accordance with the tutor’s comments. However, when I came to them with a research paper, all they did was to fix typos and charged as if some complex work was done.

Emmi Sup