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This review has been compiled after researching the writing service We underwent several steps to write this review. These include reading customer reviews and checking the BBB website. While we determined this site is not a fraud or scam, we have some strong opinions about the quality of the work that they do.

Offered Products and Services

We were only able to find products and services for students. The company appears to offer the usual essays, term papers, lab reports, book reviews, scholarship essays, research papers, thesis, and dissertation, etc. We did not find services for business professionals or people looking for employment.

Quality of Products/Writers

We received notification from Darwin Essay that our essay was completed. We logged into our account to take a look. The paper was cringe-worthy, to say the least. Considering that our topic was fairly simple, that we had no special instructions, and we selected the longest deadline possible, we honestly expected much better.

There were multiple factual and grammatical errors. The word count was too long, and the writer used an inadequate number of sources. We can’t imagine what it would be like to receive a paper like this as a student.

We spoke with customer service multiple times before and after we received our final copy. They were generally cordial. Unfortunately, no one seemed as if they had the ability to offer us any real assistance. Instead, we were told to read the various policy documents on the website.

Quality of Customer Support

When we evaluate website quality, we look at two things. The first is ease of navigation. Basically, how easy is it to move around the website and find the information that we need. In this way, DarwinEssay does a pretty good job. The second thing we consider is website content. Is the information presented on the website accurate, well written, and helpful? Unfortunately, we have to say this is not the case.  Much of the web content is difficult to read and is written in very poor English.

Prices and Discounts

We paid about ten dollars per page for our essay. Compared to other reputable services, these prices are extremely low. Unfortunately, by charging prices this low, DarwinEssay is likely unable to hire qualified writers. This shows in the low-quality content.

If students find a low-cost writing service, they should take the time to weigh the pros & cons. Is it really worth it to save money if you have to take the time to fix the final product yourself?

There are discounts available as well. We used a promo code when placing our order. We also found other coupon codes that customers could use under various circumstances.

Additional Benefits

Darwin Essay is a very bare bones website for the most part. However, we did find a blog. To be honest, this may be one of the brighter points of our experience with this company. The topics are fairly interesting and the posts are relatively well written. In all likelihood, we suspect these posts are probably curated from another source. Still, we like to give credit where credit is due. Surprisingly we were not able to find any testimonials.


Although we grinned a bit when we read this company’s clever name, we are sad to say that we cannot endorse DarwinEssay.Net. There are simply too many problems for us to give a positive rating. We encourage students who need help from a professional writing service to continue reading our reviews. There are several companies who have earned our stamp of approval. Review Customers’ Reviews


William Reviewed

I hate when people create fake stories in order to explain their unreliability, just like it was with the writer at Darwin Essay, who created a story about problems with internet/dog/sister/brain. Cannot recommend this place to anyone in need. I'm sure there are services on the web that hire really expert writers. Simply wasted my money on them.

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Hermess Reviewed

Having an order of 5k words in only 3 days is a kinda difficult thing. But the writer in here assured me it wouldn`t make any problem for him to finish it within the time frames that we had agreed on. In three days when the time had came I didn`t receive anything. Anything at all. When I tried to figure out what was wrong they informed me about the one day delay. I didn`t care what your problem was! I needed my paper! I had to give it to my professor! FRAUD!!!

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Demetry Reviewed

I doubt that all of their writers are native speakers.
My order of a term paper editing and proofreading wasn`t professional enough. I also noticed some senior mistakes that should not have been there. Like using wrong terms and not fully correct format of the paper type. Thus for I cannot rely on such kind of writing resource again, as I cannot be sure in the outcome results and quality.

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Zaine Reviewed

In my opinion, for $35 per page it is quite necessary to provide a client with professional support, with follow-up information about the order, and of course with a high quality of the ordered assignment. If you expect all of the above to be found on - sadly, you have and care extremely wrong expectations. Can not recommend this place.

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Perrry Reviewed

Fake writers, fake reviews and fake essays. I am not sure if this website can offer anything real. It`s impossible to get in touch with them even after paying for your order. The writer I worked with seemed helpful and in the end didn`t meet a single requirement I mentioned to him. The final result was disappointing as well. They offered me a discount for the delay but it didn`t help.

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Paul Reviewed

One of their writers, who performed a paper for me, failed to meet my deadline. It was a really urgent order and such delay spoiled my final grade.

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