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Support 1.1

The name, certainly piqued our interest. We had never seen a writing service dedicated to legal studies, and were interested in writing a review. Unfortunately, our interest soon waned. It turns out that Law Aspect is the same as any other academic writing service. They have no interesting specialty after all. Still, we decided to check them out anyway. Here are the steps we followed in order to learn more:

  • Compared prices and looked for coupon codes and other deals
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials on LawAspect
  • Placed an order for a college level paper
  • Explored the website for ease of navigation and content
  • Checked the BBB website to determine if the company is a fraud or scam

We certainly learned a lot from our experience, and have detailed our thoughts below.

Offered Products And Services

This is a standard academic content service. They write essays, research papers, and other similar documents. We did not see evidence that they do business or resume writing.

Quality of Products/Writers

Law Aspect clearly does not vet out the writers it allows to bid on its papers. Our essay was an absolute wreck. There was no cohesive main idea. The conclusion was muddled. The sources were flimsy at best. This was in no way college-level writing.

Quality of Customer Support

On a positive note, customer support is courteous, and they attempt to be helpful.  Unfortunately, they have a lot working against them. First, many seemed overwhelmed and undertrained. We were confused by the policies here, and frankly so were they. The result is that they were unable to answer our questions or help us find solutions to any of the problems we had with our completed essay.

Prices And Discounts

There are no set prices here. However, according to the website they go as low as ten dollars per page. We paid more than that in order to get a bid from a (supposedly) degreed writer. Students should not expect any discounts here. Rather than using a promo code, you must negotiate a price with your writer.

Additional Benefits

There is not much on LawAspect that could be considered an additional benefit. A legal ‘blog’ contains information that can be easily Googled. These posts are poorly written and would not be informative to even the newest law student. Other content is sparse and mostly promotional. None of it is well written.


While we were disappointed that this wasn’t a specialized writing service, that did not impact the outcome of this review. Instead, we give a rating of poor because the writing quality was absolutely terrible. Further, the website was confusing and the content therein was difficult to read. Even the samples provided were poor. We were as fair as possible in weighing the pros & cons, but simply could not get past these issues.

Students who do need writing assistance should not be discouraged. We have written reviews on several websites that do an excellent job of academic writing. Please consider these services before you make a final decision.


Customers’ Reviews

1.0 rating
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I will never use them again. Useless

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

For only $13.90 I was promised a sample case study in law. They asked me to wait for 24 hours and then I`ll get it. Can you believe the lack of the ideas in lying as they didn`t even try to finish my FIRST SAMPLE writing. No wonder I had never applied for a real case study at theirs, after all.


I wouldn`t recommend

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I noticed their writer to really try hard to complete my essay. Not sure whether it was because of lack of information he had, or due to the lack of experience – but he failed the final look of the paper. I had to edit it on my own, so it had a slightly better look. I wouldn`t recommend their services, sadly.


Look for some other place

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I was told a lot of stories about their incredible plagiarism online tool which I would be able to use after my order would be ready. Hm. I`m still curious where it is and how should I use it if it`s nowhere to be found. On the other side, there were too many errors in total for me to recommend the place to anyone. So it`s actually better to look for some other place than them. Sorry.


my professor and didn't add me any points.

1.0 rating
April 1, 2020

I was in a hurry and didn’t read the essay I received properly. I asked the writer to choose their own topic and that’s my second mistake (after having chosen this service). They took a topic that’s too broad and the resulting paper was, so to say, about everything and nothing. Naturally, it was declined by my professor and didn’t add my any points.