Pick the Writer has reviewed and evaluated hundreds of online writing services to date, and we continue our work on a daily basis. Our goal is to provide the most factual and objective information on these services to our website visitors and users so that they can choose the best writing service for their needs.

We are often asked how we choose writing services for our reviews, given that there are thousands of them out there. Sometimes we come across writing services through because there are comments about them on social media; occasionally a writing service will contact and ask us for a review; often, users of our site submit names of services for review; and sometimes a visitor to our site will make comments about his or her experience with a writing service that pique our interest. Below are comparisons of four writing services that fall within our top ratings.

Our Review Criteria

To have consistency, we always use the same following criteria for our reviews:

  1. Offered Products and Services: When a company claims to offer an area of writing products and services, we want to see a comprehensive list within that area. Academic writing, for example, should span high school through graduate-level needs and include all of the products that students might be assigned. Editing and proofreading should also be offered. If a writing service serves only a specific category (e.g., college writing), it should state so upfront, so customers do not waste their time.
  2. Quality of Products: We like to see high-quality samples on the website, along with well-written explanatory content on the site itself. We also locate and solicit customer feedback on the quality of the products they have received. On-site testimonials are given some weight but not nearly as much as the off-site comments and reviews. Top-quality products mean that the company employs qualified research and writing staff.
  3. Quality of Customer Support: When customers have questions or issues, they need to be able to contact an experienced and knowledgeable customer support agent for answers and resolutions. We rely on customer feedback, but we also personally contact the department at least twice, via phone and live chat if possible. We want to see prompt and accurate answers to our detailed questions, as that is an indication that the company has employed and trained its own staff. Customer support agents should be available around the clock.
  4. Prices and Discounts: There is an average pricing range for the industry. These prices should be based upon several factors – academic level, type of product or service, page length, and the deadline specification. Companies that do not differentiate based upon these factors are always suspect. If pricing falls outside of the average range, we want to know why. We also want to see very secure payment methods. In terms of discounts, most writing services offer at least a newcomer one, and many provide discounts for loyal customers. If a company offers no discounts, their pricing should fall in the lower average range.
  5. Additional Benefits: These fall into two categories – free and fee-based. All companies should guarantee plagiarism-free products, and many offer a free report. Free title and bibliography pages are standard, as well as formatting. Beyond that, many services offer higher levels of quality, editing, and VIP customer support for additional fees. We do check the value of fee-based benefits when we contact customer support departments.


We have only one goal – to provide accurate and objective information about writing services to visitors and users of our site. We spend a great deal of time evaluating any company that we review, and our summaries are detailed and comprehensive. We encourage all users of our site to read our reviews, to participate in discussions with other users, to provide feedback about their experiences with writing services they have used, and, certainly to request reviews of a company we have not yet looked into.

Feel free to contact us at any time with your comments, experiences, and requests.