Pick the Writer has only one mission – to investigate online writing services and to prepare reports and summaries of as many services as possible, in order to help potential customers. This is an ongoing mission, and we continue to conduct investigations of these companies, usually, as we are asked by users of our site or because, in our searches, we come across companies that have customer comments and feedback on other review sites or on social media. Given that there are thousands of online writing services out there, we will be busy for many years to come. But our goal is always the same – we want to provide facts about these writing services so that our site users can make wise choices in their utilization of companies vying for their business. We are here providing information on 5 writing companies that fall within our range of the top agencies we have reviewed so far.

Ranking Company Rating Review
1 Trust My Paper 5.0 This writing service has been around for several years, and we have been impressed with most everything about it. Its website is well-organized, with links to all important information, and is written in impeccable English, always a good sign that it is not a foreign company in disguise. It employs researchers and writers with graduate degrees, and, from published samples, they do great work. Customers hold the company in high regard too. Read our full review for all of the details.
2 Studicus 4.8 Studicus is focused only on academic writing, and students from high school through graduate programs can explore the details of all products and services through a huge set of footer pages at the bottom of the home page. The website is well laid out and pages are accessed easily by a hamburger menu. Quality samples and information about the qualifications of its writers are borne out by the overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers who are satisfied with their products. While Studicus is not as old as many other writing services, it developed a great business model and commitment to high quality. More details are available on our review.
3 Grab My Essay 4.7 A writing service that has been around for a number of years, Grab My Essay offers products and services for students at all grade levels, for business professionals, for companies in need of copywriting, and for job seekers in need of resumes/CVs. Its consistent high quality has earned this company a great reputation within the industry and among its customers, many of whom are long-term. The details of Grab My Essay are contained in our full review.
4 Wow Grade 4.6 Wow Grade focuses solely on academic writing for students from high school through graduate and professional level studies. Its website provides full information about products and services, pricing, benefits, and its writers. Customer satisfaction is quite high, and that is the best recommendation that can be given a writing service. We encourage you to read our full review for more detail.
5 Best Essay Education 4.5 When third-party review sites and customers speak highly of a writing service, we listen. Such is the case with Best Essay Education, a company that offers all types of academic writing, as well as copywriting and resume/CV services. Commitment to quality has resulted in a high level of customer satisfaction and a solid reputation within the industry. Our full review will provide detailed information.

Criteria for Our Reviews

We always use the same criteria to evaluate a writing service:

  • Offered Products and Services: We like to see a comprehensive set of offerings in any area of writing assistance that the company advertises – academic, business and/or professional. When a company is prepared and able to offer all that its customers might need in its area(s) of focus, it becomes more valuable. 
  • Quality of Products: This, of course, is the crux of the value of any writing service. We want to see website content that is well-written and in proper English; we read samples on the website; we look at blog articles. We put some value on on-site testimonials, but we are far more interested in what off-site customers have to say about the quality of their received products. We comb the web for such comments as well as review the feedback that our users have submitted. 
  • Quality of Customer Support: Again, we use feedback that is posted on the web and/or submitted to us. But we also do a bit of original research on our own. We contact the customer support department a minimum of two times, by phone and live chat, if both are available. We ask very detailed questions about specific products and services to determine how informed these agents are. When we get vague answers or told to check information on the website, we know that an answering service is being used. We like to see customer support staff that are actual trained employees of the company.
  • Prices and Discounts: We have a solid understanding of what is average for the industry, and we like to see pricing that falls within that range. And discounts for new customers as well as for those who are loyal are always welcomed by customers. Occasionally, we see pricing that falls below the average range. This may be a result of no discount offers, or it may simply be a clue that quality is poor. When we see prices that are too high, we always wonder why and look for great benefits that would justify them.
  • Additional Benefits: There are some benefits that are standard and do not cause a second look – free title, bibliography, and table of contents pages. But we look carefully at how other benefits are handled. If a company claims that it has an editing staff that reviews every order as standard practice, we do not want to see fee-based editing at checkout. If a company promises a plagiarism report for free, then it should not be charging for that report in the end. Some companies offer options to pay for more accomplished writers, and that is fine. However, we do expect solid quality even at the standard level. No professional writing service should ever allow a poor piece of writing to leave its doors.


Our mission is to help all of our site users to find the perfect writing service for their needs. To that end, we provide full reviews and ratings of companies we have evaluated. But we want our users to know that they can contact us at any time about a specific writing service, should feel free to provide feedback on their own experiences, or request a review of a service they may be considering.