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We were initially impressed with the website. It is well organized, with links to all pages, has published policies, and the content is written in good English. And it has been in the writing business for about 20 years. Still, we have prepared this review in the same fashion as all reviews we do, using the same factors – reading through all of the site content, looking at on-site Best Essays testimonials, reviewing the features, sample writings, and other features, exploring off-site Best Essay customer reviews, along with users of out site who have provided feedback. Over the past 20 years, there is a lot to explore, and here is our summary of all that we found.

Offered Products and Services offers any type of writing a student could want or need – any written assignment or research work, admissions essays, editing and proofreading, media presentations, coursework assignments, resume/CV services, and even graduate level projects, such as theses and dissertations. It truly is a “full-service” writing agency. Best Essay also serves students at any academic level, including high school, which is certainly a plus.

Quality of Products/Writers

We were excited to take a look at the sample writings. The site stated that all of the company writers had Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. Further, it stated that when an order was placed, three people would be involved – a researcher (if required), a writer, and an editor. This sounded amazing. We accessed the samples, and what a disappointment.

First, we read a Ph.D. level essay on “What is Right or Wrong.” The quality, composition, and research would be appropriate for a high school piece of writing. And there were definitely grammar and word usage errors that indicate an ESL writer. We also reviewed a Ph.D. level paper on “Digital Forensics.” Almost the entire piece was composed of screen shots which we found on the web – nothing original. There was also a PowerPoint presentation on “adulthood” which spoke to stress. It certainly was adequate, but the references were from 2002-2004.

The quality of the samples was disappointing, to say the least. Many of the off-site customer comments also spoke to such disappointment. The complaints are pretty common:

  • Old and outdated resource materials
  • Poor writing quality
  • Organizational issues. Customers state that their pieces tend to “ramble” and repeat content.

One of our big concerns related to Ph.D. dissertation production. The company states that it can produce a full dissertation within a couple of days. This, of course, is an impossibility, unless the writer is simply re-writing an existing dissertation. And given that Ph.D. candidates must set up an original research project with their advisors – a project that must occur over a period of time – this is an absurd claim.

Overall, we can say that is a legal provider of writing services. We can also state that it is reliable in terms of delivering orders on time. But in terms of being trusted to produce the quality that students want and need, there are definitely some issues.

Quality of Customer Support

We contacted the customer support department, via live chat, to inquire specifically about the dissertation promises. A very foreign-sounding young man told us that, yes, a dissertation could be produced within 48 hours. We contacted by phone and were told the same thing. Many of the answers we got to other questions were pretty rehearsed. Still, they were pleasant. Like many other writing services, we suspect that Best Essay uses an answering service for its customer support services.

Prices and Discounts

Company prices are reasonable and average for the industry. There is a link to a discounts page. New customers receive a promo code for a 15% discount that is calculated at the time of order. There are also discounts with coupon codes once a customer has ordered a certain number of pages. These range from 5 – 15%.

There is no distinction on pricing between high school, undergraduate, and graduate level pricing. The distinctions are based upon delivery deadlines, quality of writer chosen (standard, premium, or platinum), and other fee-based options that can be chosen at checkout.

In terms of payment procedures, customers can be comfortable knowing that their financial information is safe and secure. Best Essay uses an SSL-certified third-party processor and does not collect or store any payment information on its site.

Additional Benefits

Free benefits are listed as revisions, outline, title page, bibliography and formatting. There are also fee-based extras, including obtain a “top” writer, VIP support, proofreading and a plagiarism report. If the company promises editing as a standard service with every order, why is there a fee for proofreading?


Best Essay is not a fraud or scam. Customers place orders, provide instructions and do receive their orders. However, in looking at the pros & cons, there are definitely some “red flags.” Quality levels of the samples are not good; there is no BBB membership; and the claim that an original Ph.D. dissertation could be completed in two is ridiculous. Our rating of this writing service is a 2, on a scale of 1-5. review by Pick the Writer Customers’ Reviews


Nyle D. Reviewed

Ordering proofreading at Best Essays was a total mistake of my college life. I have no idea what they were doing for one week but when I decided to re-check their work it occurred that there were many mistakes left. I was charged money but didn’t receive the needed and expected result. I cannot recommend their services!

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Ignatia Reviewed

Paperwork of 24 hours (editing, proofreading, plagiarism check and formatting) was missing the deadline hard! To my questions, or better to say complains, support team didn`t make any reaction at all. I was furious! How come I paid money for nothing?! What kind of professional service do that?!

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Hugho Reviewed

Talking about positive sides of this place I can only say that they are not trying too hard to provide customers with high-notch services that can be paid accordingly. It`s frustrating to wait in the dark for your paper to arrive. And especially when you get your paper and realize that there are a lot of errors that should be fixed within a really short timing. I`m disappointed in both them and myself, for letting the thoughts of successful cooperation...

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Gizel Reviewed

Too much commercial on their web-page. Not really great to notice all of the discount possibilities but not be given any of those due to the error that was made by the support department. Impossible to rely on a writing resource that cannot actually take a responsibility for their workers and make sure that all the aspects are working fine throughout the whole process.

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Melinda Reviewed

Discovered many errors in my research paper. Some calculations were incorrect, and that lead to the general error in the final sum. Basically, the entire paper needs to be rewritten and re-calculated. That makes me coming up with the question, why did I even pay bestessays for the writing help?

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Lauren Reviewed

After using Best Essays for my dissertation I felt sorry for myself for doing it. Such a low quality paper was delivered to me! Without all the needed requirements! Don’t recommend to use this service.

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Milesa Reviewed

BestEssays should be called WorstEssays or at least NotAlwaysThereForYouEssays. To reach their support team is an unbelievable and impossible mission. You will be stuck in a line of idiots like yourself who placed their hope in this resource.

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