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We are writing this review on to fulfill the requests we have received from multiple students inquiring about this service. As always, we began this process by thoroughly investigating Ace Your Paper to learn as much as possible.

In doing our research we did find something of note. AceYourPaper claims to be located in Florida. However, a quick search of their address reveals they are using what is very likely a rented mailing address. For students that are interested in working with companies based in the US, this can be an issue. Offshore companies often rent mailing addresses to appear as if they are headquartered where they are not. While this doesn’t mean they are a fraud or scam, it is something to be aware of.

Here are the other steps we took in order to prepare to write the following review:

  • Read customer reviews and testimonials on

  • Placed an order for an essay

  • Engaged with support staff and others

  • Explored the website

  • Compared prices and searched for values such as coupon codes

Keep reading to learn more.

Offered Products And Services

This service offers the expected range of writing services for students. We ordered an essay for this review. However, services such as research paper writing, term papers, reviews, critiques, scholarship essays, and others are available as well.

Quality of Products/Writers

We received our paper before it was due. While that was definitely a positive, the negatives far outweighed it. Our paper was full of errors. The writing was clearly completed by someone without a full grasp of the English language. This further cemented our suspicions that this is an offshore entity. This paper would have required significant editing before it was ready to be turned in for a grade.

Quality of Customer Support

We contacted support on a few different occasions. The response varied. At times, it seemed as if we were dealing with someone who was quite knowledgeable. Then there were times that we believed we were likely dealing with an answering service. When we contacted the company to complain about the quality of our paper, they were sympathetic, but claimed to be unable to help us.

Prices And Discounts

The paper we ordered was about 20 dollars per page. This is on the high side of average. Unfortunately, this price was a bit hard to swallow given the lack of writing quality and helpful customer support. The fact that there are no discounts did aggravate this a bit. Using a promo code may have slightly mitigated the issues that we encountered.

Additional Benefits

We explored the website in search of additional benefits and other features. Unfortunately, we did not find any. This is a very basic website that clearly has not had much time or money spent in developing it. We did not find blog posts or any other content of note.


Unfortunately, our final rating of Ace Your Paper is below average. We spent quite a bit of time considering the pros & cons. Ultimately, we cannot give this service our seal of approval. While we did receive our paper, and found no accusations of fraud or wrongdoing through the BBB or other sources, there were significant issues with quality. That combined with the less than honest information given about where AceYourPaper is located leads us to urge students to look for other writing service options. Customers’ Reviews


Harry Howart Reviewed

This was a heartbreaking experience for me. AceYourPaper has a super cool website, super friendly, bright, and easy to navigate. I trusted them immediately and hit the pay button without any second thought. And everything was just fine until I opened the file they sent me... I thought grammarly had gone crazy. When I requested proofreading they told me each article is proofread twice before being sent to a customer so if I wanted an additional check I should place another order!

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Mark Walter Reviewed

Nice website, friendly support but awful writing services. I don`t recommend you to waste money with these guys as they know nothing about academic assignments. Their professional authors don`t know English grammar, cannot avoid making spelling mistakes and ignore all the requirements you give them. Besides, they didn`t stick to one paper format and write fewer pages than was asked.

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