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Add to compare is not a traditional writing service. However, because many students have asked us about it, and they do offer academic services, we have decided to write this review. In the interest in being forthcoming, we want to say ahead of time that some of the steps we took to complete our investigation of 24 Hour Answers differed from most reviews. This is due to the fact that the products and services offered here are a bit different.

Our initial steps were the same as usual. We read customer reviews and testimonials of 24houranswers. We verified through the BBB and other sources that they were not a fraud or scam. We conducted a comparison of prices. We placed an order. We looked for sales offers such as coupon codes.

The variance is that we placed two orders instead of one. The first was for a short writing assignment. The second was for assistance on a math equation. We felt as if this was using 24 Hour Answers in the way it was intended.

Offered Products And Services

Instead of traditional writing, they offer tutoring services, homework assistance, and a library of academic solutions. We opted to purchase homework assistance to write this review.

Quality of Products/Writers

Both our writing assignment and our equation could have been much better. The writer clearly only took a few minutes to throw something together. There were both errors and very poor transitions. The equation was correct, but they did not show their work.

Quality of Customer Support

Due to the nature of this service, we did not have much direct interaction with their staff. We made contact with some initial questions, and that is all.

Prices And Discounts

There is a library of items from which people may purchase products directly. There, prices are published up front. This is not the case for anything else. Instead, students must negotiate those with the tutor. As such, there is no discounts page. Rather than relying on a promo code, students must simply hope they can negotiate the best price. We submitted payment using PayPal.

Additional Benefits

24 Hour Answers does maintain a fairly extensive blog. It is quite well-written. We found the subject matter covered to be quite interesting. However, it is a bit heady. Still, it is definitely a positive attribute overall.


After deliberating, our final rating of is below average. The written work we received was haphazardly done. It would not have survived any scrutiny in class or under peer review. While the answer we received to the math equation was accurate, not enough explanation was given. Without that explanation, it would have been obvious a student obtained the answer without figuring it out for themselves.

We encourage students to remember that many of the writing services we have reviewed and endorsed also offer daily coursework assistance. These will be much more helpful than the services offered here. For students who need ongoing tutoring, we strongly urge you to find a reputable tutor. Customers’ Reviews



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